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6 y/o basset with mast cell tumor:

My 6-year old basset hound had a Mast Cell tumor (grade 3) tumor on her hind leg. Due to its location, it could not be completely removed. The vet has determined from lymph node biopsy that it has at least regionally spread. Further lymph node tests and a marrow biopsy are scheduled. If they should show no sign of the cancer, one option is amputation. My concern is that I will only buy her a few more months due to the aggressive nature of the tumor. Is it possible/probably for a dog to survive grade 3 mast cell beyond a year or so?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


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  1. Phillip McHugh, DVM, - Durham, NC says:

    very difficult, unfortunately.

    Philip McHugh, DVM
    Park Veterinary Hospital
    Durham, NC

  2. patty says:

    I have never responded to blogs before however, I was researching
    about stomach acid and bichons when
    I came across your concern with your basset.
    when my dog a few years ago had her first tumor- I had it surgically removed- the operation was painful for her but then she was fine for about 7 months and then she had another one. I did massive amounts of research on mast cell tumors and at the end decided not to put her through another surgery but to make her as comfortable as possible. She was until it finally opened and became messy and obviously very painful.
    I went online and even ordered some
    miraculous natural substance to give her. I did everything and sometimes nature just takes its course. Needless to say, we just cannot change the course of events that are handed us. Give love and comfort and big hugs and let her go and when you do, bring in a vet to euthanise in your home not in a hospital. But only when you know she in in pain.
    I am so sorry for you.

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