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9-1/2 year old Bischon who has problems with crystals in her urine

I have a 9-1/2 year old Bischon who has problems with crystals in her urine.

She recently had a bladder x-ray and, thankfully, no stones. She is on Hills U/D and gets 500 mg of Vit. C twice a day. She goes several months with no bleeding. Then it starts up again and she has blood in her urine and the Vet puts her on Clavamox for 2 or 3 weeks.

I would love to find a permanent relief for them.




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  1. Dr. Winston says:

    Though it sounds counter intuitive the mere presence of microscopic crystals in the urine is not fact unless the urine is processed right after collection they can be artifacts..actually more info is needed..has the urine been cultured during the episodes? This would be very important to establish if there is an infection present or not….

    Hope this helps

    J Winston DVM

  2. There are many different crystals in the urine and identification of the type will help elmination of the crystals by manipulation of the pH of the urine. The presence of crystals for long time can lead to building stones if it goes unresolved. As Dr. Winston stated, struvire crystals in dogs is related to infection. Once you resolve the infection, the crystals resolve. Diet is very important in dissolving stones too. The fact they placed your dog on UD indicate your pet had calcium oxalate crystals. I recommed the chinese herbs (Hu Po Hua Shi Pian) which helps dissolution of kidney and bladder crystals. The synergestic combination of (guang jin qian cao) and lygodium (hai jin sha) in this herb dissolve the crystals. This herb can also be used to prevent the crystals.

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