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9 y/o Pom w/liver problem. Need diet recommends

Our 9 yr old Pomeranian has a liver dysfunction & has been on a low protein diet.

We are looking for a better more natural food rather than Science Diet but having trouble with protein content.

Any recommendations?



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2 Responses to “9 y/o Pom w/liver problem. Need diet recommends”

  1. Marie says:

    I would get him on a raw or home cooked diet ASAP. Seek help from a holistic vet. I know a good one that can help by phone consultation. Dr Gerald Wessner 352-385-4232.

  2. raw diet……..with care. if the livers immune system is compromised then raw diest could cause problem
    raw or rare cooked meat, plus veges, plus vitamin mineral supplements
    homeoapthic remedies such as hepar sulph, hepar compositum
    glandulars such as hepartropin
    herbs. milk thistle. milk thistle. milk thistle!!!

    other detox herbs for the liver, gall bladder and intestine.

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