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Dogs scratching even though no fleas

I have 2 dogs that are scratching themselves raw.  I checked for fleas and they had a couple so I got rid of them by using Frontline.

They don’t have fleas but they keep scratching and it is driving me crazy.  They are both doing it.  Could it be a reaction to the flea meds?  What else could it be?


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  1. Taylor - Blog Admin says:

    Hi, Your dogs could be going through several things that result in scratching. A flea medication reaction is one, but since they are both experiencing it, it would be a bit unusual.

    Dogs scratch from pests such as fleas and mites and from allergies which could come from plants, food and medication, and insect bites.

    Did your vet check for mites? That would be the next thing I’d ask to be checked for. They cause these symptoms and they are really hard to see and mites can certainly be contagious. If that’s what it turns out to be, your vet will treat your dogs and give you instructions on what to do at home (washing, cleaning and care). There are different types of these critters, so the first thing you should do is get the source of the itching nailed down.

    It makes me miserable to see an animal scratching endlessly with no relief and I understand how frustrating it is for all of you.

    Best wishes on getting this under control fast.

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