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Allergic reaction to Frontline Plus

Our dog had an allergic reaction to Frontline Plus. He broke out in welts and sores.

The vet prescribed prednisone and tonight he is panting like crazy, in addition to drinking and urinating frequently. The vet mentioned that panting might be a side effect but I am worried he is panting so fast.

Is there any concern with it progressing to a heart attack or other worse issue? The prednizone did seem to help the skin, but the panting is frightening.



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  1. Linda - says:

    Dear Cindy,

    How is your dog???? Did you call your vet after you wrote to us????
    Unfortunately we don’t monitor our site over the weekend and don’t ever suggest asking questions on our blog for an emergency situation.

    Please let us know what happened. Some pets do experience a severe reaction to one-spot flea treatments and it is why the FDA is investigating them currently.

    Unfortunately, sometimes they work very well for some animals, and sometimes they cause severe reactions (and sometimes a pet will react when they have not done so in the past).

    But often the problems caused by fleas and ticks is so detrimental to your pet’s health – anemia, disease, allergies, more – it’s hard to know what’s the best thing to do – one spot flea treatments or other, less effective flea treatments.

    It’s best to sort this out with research and working with your vet – and if you are not comfortable with the vet you’re currently seeing, interview others (we have so many resources for you to do that at and find one you feel comfortable with in monitoring your dog’s health needs.


  2. Linda says:

    I am currently experiencing a terrible reaction to Frontline Plus application. I applied his dose last night when I went to bed. Today he was slowly getting itchier and itchier until this evening where I notice his face is so puffy he looks like Rocky Balboa after a fight, and when I touch him he is absolutely covered in welts. I am wondering
    1 – if some one happens to be here on-line, what can I do immediately to help relieve his discomfort
    2 – is there somewhere that I can officially report this problem so I can be counted as one dog who cannot tolerate this product
    Thank you!

  3. admin says:

    Dear Linda,

    We are not vets here, so I can’t give you that advice. But I did some checking because it sounds like you little guy is getting worse. The best thing is to bathe him to get as much of the toxins off him, even though it’s been a little while. The other thing you might do is call a poison hotline to get a recommendation from them, or call an emergency vet (use our emergency vet directory zip search for the closest one, then call.

    Here is another link I came across I can give you advice on what to do, but I’d call and see if you can find someone who can tell you. Ask them about Benedryl (an antihistimine that reduces itching and swelling in humans) and see if that might be OK for your dog. DON’T administer it without asking someone first because, just as Frontline is causing an allergic reaction, you don’t want to give your dog something that will make him worse.

    Best wishes,
    Blog Administrator

  4. admin says:

    Reread my answer to you and that should read “I CAN’T give you advice” not can.

    Also, the various hotlines are listed on our emergency page.


  5. Linda says:

    Thank you for your prompt reply!

  6. Dee Daniell says:

    Hi Linda
    My dog (a bichon) had a tiny kitten scratch on his muzzle. The same day he had his third application of Frontline. The scratch got infected and has caused major problems. But he also got red itchy lumps around his face (mouth, eyelids and ear flaps, also under his “armpits” and some on his tummy and between his toes. He was demented. He is now on predisnole steroids, diazepam initially at nights so he would sleep and oral antibiotics. He too looked like he had done 10 rounds with Tyson! Two weeks later and the bumps are nearly gone – a few left between his toes. The ones he scratched got black scabs on them but are just about ready to drop off. It looks like allergic reaction to Frontline to me and from everything I read it builds up in their system and can take up to 3 months to completely leave their body. I have just washed his body (not his head cos of infected scratch) with hypoallergenic johnsons baby shampoo in case there is any residue left in his fur? Vet said that would be ok. How is your dog now after two months?

  7. Debra says:


    My cat is allergic to frontline plus, she licks sores on her body because it causes her to itch so bad. I believe that frontline should be more forthcoming in their flyers about the possible side effects to this drug/pesticide. I hope your dog is doing fine now. My poor cat had to be on two rounds of prednisone and antibiotics before I made the connection that she is allergic to frontline.

    Best Regards,

  8. Karen says:

    I administerd frontline plus to my dog (11 lbs) first treatment, three days ago, he has been to the vet twice with diarrea/vomitting, red spots, the vomitting has stopped still has diarrea and now he will not eat and just lays around tail down. My dog was prescribed Metoclopramide 5mg w tablets twice daily and Amforol #3 1/2 tablet twice a day. I really don’t know if I should give him more medicine, he has had so much already. I

  9. Sherry says:

    I received the letter below that was just posted on another site’s blog. I’m following and monitoring the dangerous effects of Front line Plus & Advantix – my heart is breaking for this gal:

    I lost my dog today. I put Frontline Plus on my dog last night. Within 5 minutes he was having a seizure, was sick all night. I tried to wash it off. This morning he was not feeling well, but seemed better. A few hours later, he was gasping for air and died. I had called the Vet that morning and he said not to bring him in, just wash it off is all you can do. The funny thing is, I have used Frontline on this dog for over 8 years. I will never use it again on any pet of mine. The death was not an easy one. It was painful and there was nothing I could do.


  10. Scott says:

    I used frontline plus on my dog a 15 lb Lhasa Apso; several days later she started scratching all over, and all the time she could not sleep she had bumps on her back, belly, face, neck, legs, kind of all over as she scratched the bumps would turn black or brown. Took her to the vet the next day, vet gave her antihistamine did not work. Took dog back to vet 3 days later she gave a special shampoo this kind of calmed the itch she also was given antibiotic which helped. Today 5 weeks later she is still scratching by not as much.

  11. maria says:

    On Sept 28th 2009 I put frontline puls on my 7 yr. old yorkie. She had a almost death allergic reaction. Have use this before & was purchase from my vet. This is condensed version: Within 2 hours itching, crying, red skin, washed her, skin turned purple black, prednisone shot, pills, lethargic, not eatting, vomitting, hosp 3 days, more meds with no positive response, diareah, ozing pus-filled lesions, scabs, loss of hair after scabs fell off, scars now but hair is growing back. My dog SUFFERED for 2 weeks and it took 4 for her to get back to herself. Is there anyway that I can contact the people who have written on this site or can they contact me. I would like to know if any of them have contacted frontline. Do they have lot numbers. They tell me my case is unsual but after reading these stories I see they are all similar and all happened around the same time. Wondering if there was a bad batch made or they changed formula. I have $3,000 in vet bills they are willing to reinburse me less than half that. I do not want this to happen to other animals…they need to look into this problem and fix it.

  12. Sally says:

    O.K. this probably is a first!
    I am very allergic to any insect sprays with deet. Several days ago I used Frontline Plus on my cat and I got a very small amount on my finger. After finishing applying the dose to my cat I washed my hands. Several hours later I had diarrea and became very light-headed. My eyes turned blood red, I itched and tingled and became very nervous. This “reaction” lasted about 30 minutes and afterwards left me weak and drained. Could this had been from the Frontline? Next month I will wear rubber gloves just in case I should get a dab on me. Thanks for a reply back.

  13. admin says:

    Hi Sally, If you are very allergic then yes, it is possible. Similar reactions to what you described you went through are what pet owners have reported their pets experience when exposed to the product. The FDA’s new warnings on flea and tick products are late in coming, but we’re very glad they finally issued them.

    Best Wishes,
    Blog Administrator

  14. CH says:

    My husband applied Frontline Plus to my dog and that night I started coughing, having shortness of breath, and a gurgling sound from my chest and throat. It became significantly worse with each passing day. I called Frontline and they said it was not possible that their product caused it. I wasn’t sure but got sicker by the day, could not get a full breath. Time came for his second application and trusting that the product could not cause this reaction my husband again applied Frontline Plus. I became so ill I was sent to a cardiologist and a respiratory specialist. There was no problem with my heart and it was assumed that my symptoms were a reaction to the Frontline Plus. When the product wore off my symptoms improved. However I understand it takes approximately a year for recovery to pesticide exposure. I reported it to the EPA as well as to Frontline. There should be a warning regarding possible reactions in humans even if it is a small percentage of people. This reaction costs several thousand dollars and well as tremendous pain and suffering for months. I’m astonished by the lack of accountability on the part of this company.

  15. Linda says:

    This is the second time we’ve had someone say they’re having a bad reaction to Frontline after getting it on them or near them.
    Here is a link to the FDA’s website on how to report a problem: The website is self explanatory on what the process is. Your doctor is not required to report any adverse reactions to the FDA either.

    Here is an excerpt from the FDA’s site and the requirements of your medical doctor:

    “If you think you or someone in your family has experienced a serious reaction to a medical product, you are encouraged to take the reporting form to your doctor. Your health care provider can provide clinical information based on your medical record that can help FDA evaluate your report.

    However, we understand that for a variety of reasons, you may not wish to have the form filled out by your health care provider, or your health care provider may choose not to complete the form. Your health care provider is NOT required to report to the FDA. In these situations, you may complete the Online Reporting Form yourself.

    You will receive an acknowledgment from FDA after your report is received. You will be personally contacted only if we need additional information.”


  16. frontline plus says:

    put frontline plus on sasha my dog and she came up in a big weeping sore on the spot I put it. she has had frontline plus once before with no reaction. Poor girl is so distressed and trying to scratch it all the time.
    I gave it to her a week ago and she was really irritable but only started scratching madly last night and the hair has fallen out and the welt is 3inches round and about 1/2 inch deep. Its raw and weeping puss like substance.
    I wont use a product like this again. I’m using powder from the vet and natural remedies to heal it.

  17. rutha says:

    I applied frontline to my 1-2 year old shepherd mix. Overnight she changed from an active puppy into a morose dog who we could not pet or touch and her hair was falling out in handfulls. I took her to the vet and because she was crying and trying to bite so much, he had to put her under anesthetic. He shaved her and her entire back and neck are were covered with the most awful inflamed and bleeding hives. The vet said it was the worst allergic reaction ha had ever seen. He gave her some shots of cortisone and with in an hour the inflammation had reduced about 40 percent. She is on antibiotics and painkillers. Last month I used frontline but she squirmed around so much that only about 1/4 of the dose got onto her skin. The vet said an allergic reaction can happen at any time.

  18. Fran says:

    Three weeks ago I brought my 2 year old cat to the Vets and he put Frontline on her. Later that day she started growling at her tail but it would come and go. Almost one week later she tore her tail end off and it had to be partially amputated. Within a week she was going so crazy trying to get tail that she finally got to it ( with a cone on her head ) and tore it open again. We had to have the tail totally taken off, She stayed at the vets for 1 week and I brought her home today and she is still trying to get her tail. My question is will Frontline work out of her system and how long will it take ? This poor cat,I’m not sure she will ever recover from this !!!!!

  19. Teri Balakas says:

    I administered Frontline Plus, (using the lowest dosage), on my 1 year old 6 lb. Yorkie last night. After about 15 minutes he started acting lethargic, not himself. I could see in his eyes that something wasn’t right. Never had any kind of reaction before using this. I decided the next time I would only use half of the dosage due to his low weight and see if that is better. I’ve used Advantix in the past and had to stop using that because that made him sick.

  20. julie says:

    I applied Frontline Plus to my 1 year old cat and at first she was okay, several hours later, she started open mouth panting heavily and scratching at her face franticly. She was extremely agitated and nervous and was excessively grooming herself. Her ears turned red and the whites of her eyes also. Her nose was so dry and she was extremely hot to the touch. I took her to the emergency vet where they at first didn’t believe it was an allergic reaction until they ruled out everything else. After a shot of Benadryl she was much better. I have used this product on my other cats for years with no bad outcome, but I will NEVER use this again. There has to be a safer way to deal with fleas than to almost kill your pet!

  21. Cindy says:

    Our little dog had the same reaction. She could not even jump from the couch, it affected her neurological system. You should not give your dog frontline any more, find a natural flea solution. We have been nursing our dog back to health for 2 months now. She is better but still is not gaining weight, can feel her bones when we pet her and pick her up. My advise is to feed her real chicken with rice or a high quality dog food. Also dog vitamins.

  22. Linda says:

    Cindy, I’m so sorry to hear about your poor dog! You gave good advice on handling the effects and boosting your pet’s immune system.

    What natural flea solution are you now using? Is it working out?


  23. Georgia says:

    Is there an ans. for Fran June 8th? Because I have the same Q.

    “will Frontline work out of her system and how long will it take?”


  24. Linda says:

    Hi Georgia,

    There is debate on this issue from experts far and wide, and it’s one we don’t have a definitive answer to here.

    From what we’ve seen from pet owners that write in (very non-scientific), some pets and some humans can be very sensitive to the product and there have been several reports of convulsions and even death in some of the pets who have used Frontline. Almost always the adverse reaction was not after the pets first application of the product, and the same with some of the human adverse reactions to it either so something happens between the first and subsequent applications before the system reacts violently.

    Whether it is a build up of toxicity or a developed allergic reaction we can’t say.

    Some pet owners play it safe and find other flea and tick treatment methods. Other pet owners feel the benefits outweigh the risks of using the product as many pets appear to have no problem using Frontline to combat flea and tick infestation.

  25. Rhonda Steadman says:

    I used Frontline on my 9 month old Shih Tzu last month. He had to be taken to the vet because he became so lethargic and absolutely would not eat. Not making the connection, I treated him again this month. He again became lethargic, wouldn’t eat or drink. Back to the vet. He was admitted to the hospital for IV therapy for 5 days. He was discharged and stayed home for 4 days then wouldn’t eat or drink again. He was readmitted for more IV therapy for 4 days with a diagnosis of acute renal failure. This puppy went from being very playful and active to not moving around at all. My daughter and I had to make the decision to have him put to sleep Friday. The puppy could not even hold his head up. We are heart broken and will grieve for this precious animal for a the rest of my life. I firmly believe the Frontline played an enormous role in Teddie’s death. I will never ever use the product again and will advise everyone I know against it. To think that I, unknowingly, contributed to the suffering of our baby is a terrible weight to bear.

  26. Mya says:

    Yeah theres something up with frontline. Years back like 1990 the product was fantastic I used it on all my dogs without any problems. Now both my animals have ugly skin under their armpits rough like leather and they itch non stop. I just got a puppy & she has a full blown allergy to that poison. Sneezing & itching sooo bad its cased her to bleed, he eyes are swollen & bloodshot, the area I applied it to…her skin has dried & is falling off so is her hair. I put her in a full bath of warm water with salt & apple cider vinegar & juss let her soak. I was afraid to put anything else on her like any shampoo or anything. it was just a rinse then I gave her benadryl like every 5 hrs. it has helped enormously. Frontline has done something different to their product it is toxic & poisionous to our animals. Hey who’s down for a class action suit here?
    If your pet is showing signs of swelling THEIR AIRWAY CAN CLOSE OFF and they could die. Get them to the VET ASAP..and give benadryl..its given first then prednisone or cortazone to shrink the swelling..the histamine reaction is what causes all the ugly symptoms, wash that stuff off of your pets completely, it can be done…but it must be like within the first 24 hrs after 3 days it will remain in their system for 30 days and it can take like 3 months to clear their system. Its a very bad product right now & Im GLAD to hear the FDA is investivaging them.
    I hope this has been helpful..Oh also try to flush that out their system, may b a little apple cide vinegar in their water..that will clean them out, but you must do it all the time not just once.
    take care everyone.

  27. Mary Merry says:

    I am so glad I found this page. I have had dogs for 18 years and never used Frontline Plus until about a wk & 1/2 ago. We put it on my 4 yr old Boxer, and he started throwing up, but we thought it was nothing because sometimes he gets into food he shouldn’t & throws up. Monday his eye was swollen. Later on, his cheeks/mouth were so swollen, I panicked. He was itching like crazy too. We gave him Benadryl until we could get to the vet, and that helped. The swelling was down Tuesday, and he seemed okay, just very lazy, which is unusual for him. Wednesday he still seemed lazy & sad, & then started throwing up anything & everything later on in the day. I haven’t slept because he has thrown up so much & cannot stay still. He will lay down for a minute & jump up & walk around. Then he started itching like crazy ! Itching his mouth, rubbing it on the floor & against everything, & then he started basically running in place to itch his paws. He was itching his mouth so much he cut it open near his nose. It looks like a big crack. He started running around & ran to my bedside crying & crying. He was drinking water like crazy too. He never begs. He is a very good dog and he never has this kind of behavior, ever. He has never sat by my bedside whining. I ran him outside because I thought maybe he had to go out but he peed & continued what he was doing. It is now almost 5am & I gave him Benadryl. After more panting, crying & itching, he is resting. I am extremely worried about him but I will now approach my vet with this Frontline info. He actually gave me the Frontline. I had no idea this would happen. He has always been so healthy. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I will let you know what happens because there’s a possibility this could save your pet.

  28. Arlene says:

    Hi everyone. Im just here to advise pet owners of the reality of the life threatning reactions following the use of FRONTLINE products.Pesticide is what they sell.It is toxic to skin and causes allergic reactions and in some cases death. Look for the signs and symptoms and understand what treatment there is PROTECT YOUR PET before its too late. Itching,sneezing,hives or welts resembling bumps under their fur,skin turns pink, rash or pimple like raised areas on belly hind legs and in proximity to the tail.Observe for reddend eyes, facial sewlling eyes puffy or swollen,hair falling out and skin crusting & comming completely off, CHANGES IN THE MENTAL STATUS(hyperactivity or lethargy due to neuro toxicity) All or part of these findings following application of any topical flea product IS AN ALLERGIC REACTION TO APPLIED TOXIC POISON and your pet can die. YOU MUST STOP THE HISTAMINE RESPONSE IMMEDIATLY or else the airway can beccome swollen inside and completely cut off oxygen. GIVE BENADRYL &see the vet.

  29. Arlene says:

    There seems to be a product sulf oxyde ? Im not sure of the spelling on the oxyde part but in any event this removes the frontline poison from the skin. It is said to leave the smell of a match which makes sense..sulfer. GET THE POSION OFF OF YOUR DOG BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. It must be completely out of your pets system or else you will still deal with the events to follow..dermatitis infection of the skin because of intensse itching & bacteria that will naturally follow may cause a staph infection. Use tea tree oil but you must mix it with a carrier oil as it is toxic to humans and pets if not administered properly. Never apply it directly. Bathe with aveno baby wash with oatmeal you can even add some tea tree oil to the bottle of baby wash I have found it works fantastic for dermatitis on my puppy. Also I mixed tea tree oil with grapeeed oil and after I dried her I applied the mixture to all irritated places..and wa-la itching GONE. Do personal research on what tea tree oil can do for skin staph infections.

  30. Julie (Eynon) says:

    Regarding Frontline Plus allergies. We have a brother and sister, 14 yrs old, ShihTzu – Lhasa mix who have used Frontline and then Frontline Plus for years. In June we applied Frontline Plus, the female exhibited symtoms from red leathery skin on neck, belly, feet, and other areas. Black patches of skin formed all over her back, ears and pubic area. Her body temperature increased, her hair started falling out, etc. We thought she’d developed Cushing’s disease, but medicated allergy shampoo and allery pills from the vet made her better. The male is exhibiting seizures and itching. Not realizing it was the Frontline, we applied it again. This time these conditions are much worse. By process of elimination, it must be the Frontline. I have had breathing problems this time since the application and have been coughing. I will be finding some other means of flea control from here on in. There should indeed be warnings.

  31. Chris says:

    I have a 5 year old dog and a 10 year old cat. This season I used Frontline and Frontline Plus. The dog’s personality has definitely been altered. She is not playful anymore, her interests are limited. She is scratching terribly and has little sores on her. Although at first, she had no desire to eat, she has resumed part of her appetite. She is still panting heavily.

    The cat has lost about 5 pounds and had little appetite. She has scratched and bitten her skin to the point of blood. Beyond that, her beautiful, soft and fluffy coat has fallen out in chunks It has lost its sheen, softness and luster. She looks like she has been taking chemotherapy.

    Flea-free but at what cost to our beloved animals. I hope they will recover. It is pitiful for those poor things to suffer like that.

    I believe Frontline/Plus has changed their formula. I will not be purchasing it again. I will write the company and urge the rest of you who had problems to do the same. If we, the consumers, don’t let them know, they won’t change it.

  32. Arlene says:

    Hi everyone…just an informative post 4 all regarding rehydrating your sick pets. I have found a pedilite was for babies but I have used it for my puppy and it’s FANTASTIC ! Here is the recipe : 1 quart of water, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, and 3-1/2 tablespoons of sugar. Keep it in the fridge. I gave it with a syringe. You may have to force feed it but do this if your dog is not eating or drinking. U must keep the animal hydrated and replace electrolyes lost with diarrhea. For nausea try ginger root, boil it in water(I used the powdered root but raw may be better) let it cool then draw it up in a syringe and if uncooperative U can administer it in the area mear the back of the teeth theres an opening even if teeth are clenched. Nausea ceases. It’s great. When nausea subsides and appitite is nill,until U can get to a vet give blackstrap has alot of nutrients look it up on line.Whatever reason is causing illness in your pet must be addressed by a VET.

  33. Arlene says:

    Hi everyone…just an informative post 4 all regarding rehydrating your sick pets. I have found a pedilite was for babies but I have used it for my puppy and it’s FANTASTIC ! Here is the recipe : 1 quart of water, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, and 3-1/2 tablespoons of sugar. Keep it in the fridge. I gave it with a syringe. You may have to force feed it but do this if your dog is not eating or drinking. U must keep the animal hydrated and replace electrolyes lost with diarrhea. For nausea try ginger root, boil it in water(I used the powdered root but raw may be better) let it cool then draw it up in a syringe and if uncooperative U can administer it in the area near the back of the teeth theres an opening even if teeth are clenched. Nausea ceases. It’s great. When nausea subsides and appitite is nill,until U can get to a vet give blackstrap has alot of nutrients look it up on line.Whatever reason is causing illness in your pet must be addressed by a VET.

  34. B. Riley says:

    My maltese x shitzu puppy starting running around the house itching and scratching like crazy as soon as i applied frontline plus behind his neck. Thought id do a quick google search and found this page.

    I just got a damp cloth and kind of diluted the application around his neck with a bit of water. 15 mins later he seems fine chewing on a bone but after reading all these stories i will DEFINATELY be finding alternative flea treatments from now on.

    i wish you all the best of luck with your dogs, time to do google search 2 for alternatives.

  35. Gerry says:

    i also have stopped using frontline plus i have used it for years and last year it my dog started scratcing and his skin turning red, i have finally realised it is the frontline, i will be using other means of controlling fleas from now on. good luck to all

  36. Elaine says:

    I have also determined that my cat is having issues with Frontline. I didn’t make the connection until the second time I used it on him. The first time he took to staying in the guest bathroom and stayed there for a month. I had to move his foot and litter box up there. I took him to the vet and had blood work done and he was fine, but he lost quite a bit of weight. After a month he became his old self. Then I used it on him again a couple of weeks ago and this time he took to staying on my computer desk in front of my monitor and again losing weight. He was crying all the time in both cases. I think it does something to his neuological system, not sure what. The vet says it is possible that this is what is causing the problem but I am having them run more blood work on my cat again. I won’t have the results until Monday though. I know one thing, I’m not taking a chance and using it again.

  37. Linda says:

    I used Frontline Plus on my chihuahua. He has been having seizures, panting and he’s had difficulty with bladder control. He isn’t eating as he had before I used the Frontline. Never again!

  38. Lisa Myers says:

    Wow! I am shocked to read these stories. I just bought my first puppy. He is 5 months old. I bought Frontline Plus today and put it on him. I decided to research this product AFTER I put it on him (not thinking) and I end up reading horror stories. I am praying he doesnt have an allergic reaction and I will definitely find another method to keep fleas off of him. I am sorry to read these stories but I am glad we have the internet so we can search things just like this.

  39. S. Dujanski says:

    Frontline is GARBAGE. My cat is having severe “itching” reactions to it. This has been going on for 3 weeks now! It’s been so bad that he keeps me up ALL night biting, scratching and licking himself. I had to get him a prednizone shot to ease the itching. I think a class action suit is in order against this company.

  40. Patty Gagnon says:

    I put frontline plus on my dog on October 5 and within a short while she started scratching and biting at herself. She kept me up all night so at 6 am I gave her a bath with a dog shampoo with oatmeal and a oatmeal condtioner. It seamed to help for a few hours and then she started sractching again. I took her to the vet because of that and redness on the area I put the frontline. The vet told me to give her benedryl twice a day. It has helped her rest but when it wears off she starts in again. She has been on frontline plus for about 4 years and this was the first time she had a reaction to it. I called frontline this morning and they tried to tell me that if she had a reaction to it that it would only be on the spot that I put the fronline on. That it would not make her itch all over. From what I’ve read on this site they lied to me!!! Good luck to everyone and I hope we can get some anwers as to what is going on. Oh and everyone should report it to frontline so maybe they will be held acountable.

  41. Tracy paskovich says:

    My 5 month old puppy has been using Frontline Plus… so far with out problem.. Today I applied the Frontline Plus(next size up as he reached weight limit) and he immediatley started running around the house frantically itching…I took him outside where he started rolling all over the ground and wouldn’t stop! He was very upset ..tail down.. I decided to immediatley bathe him and wash off as much as I could and he seems better now. I will not be using frontline again! and if he develops any other symptoms it is off to the Vet. May I ask what everyone else here with problems has switched to for an alternative? And how much benedryll is safe for a 32lb 5 month old puppy? (just in Case) Thanks.

  42. Michelle in SD says:

    Our 9-yr old Chiweenie has been having a reaction to the Frontline we applied yesterday morning. Didn’t figure it out until a couple of hours ago, this site has been helpful! Our vet suggested we give her a bath and use Dawn dish soap to try to remove anything still on her. Apparently, Dawn can work miracles. They really do use it to clean animals from oil spills and such. Anyway, her symptoms included itching and acting restless and strange since last night and she was swallowing repeatedly all morning. We just gave her a bath and she seems to be doing a little better. This was the first time time we tried Frontline and we will never buy it again!

  43. Jennifer says:

    I recently rescued a retriever/pit mix and switched to Frontline yesterday – She was acting lethargic within several hours, but continued to eat and drink normally. The lethargy continued this morning, but I wrote it off assuming she was tired from lots of play the previous day as she did not show any other obvious symptoms. I’d looked her over and found no indications of any problems. However, when I returned from work this afternoon I found, upon closer inspection, extremely irritated skin that was red, swollen and bleeding in and around the site of application! I also found welts around her chest and shoulders. I took her immediately to the vet who was at first quite skeptical of a reaction to the Frontline – however, after examining her, she agreed that my dog was indeed suffering from the exposure to the frontline. I was instructed to wash her with dishwasher soap to remove as much of the frontline as possible; to spray the area with an antibiotic spray 2x/day for a week; and to watch for vomiting or diarrhea. While the initial area of application appears better (no more bleeding, not quite as red) there are fresh bloody spots around her chest and shoulders – I’ll call the vet first thing in the morning to follow up – but I would like to know if anyone else experienced this gradual and continued type of reaction? And if so, what helped?

    I am very disappointed in Frontline – our previous dog never had an issue with the product – I’m blown away by the severity of her reaction and the toxicity of the product.

  44. Anne S says:

    I usually use natural products, but we have had an extremely bad tick season here, and are in a high Lyme disease area, so I purchased Frontline Plus from my vet and dosed all three of my dogs. I chose Frontline because it is supposedly less toxic than Advantix. My largest dog woke up with tiny welts all over his body. I immediately gave him 50 mg of Benadryl and am going to call the vet as soon as they open. This stuff is toxic!!!! I plan never to use it again. FDA, get this crap off the market.

  45. Laurel says:

    My beloved 5 year old German Shepherd service dog is having a horrible reaction to Frontline as I type this. She is on Benadryl, and we will be taking her to the Vet first thing in the morning, but it makes me SO mad that this dog is going through so much agony. We thought it was her allergy to flea bites, so we used Frontline, which we have used for years, and now she is itching more than ever! She has grey, purplish skin on her inside of her legs, and it is scaring me so very much. It is NOT fair!!!!

    This is a product that I thought was safe for everyone, especially the animal I was putting it on!!! I will NEVER again use Frontline, and stick to citrus which will kill fleas. Lemon shampoo, or anything with citrus. Orange shampoo. It causing them to swell up and pop open, and immediately kills the fleas(adults only I presume), but we used to use this before Frontline, but thought Frontline was 100%safe…Boy were we wrong.

    She BETTER be OK, or I myself will file a lawsuit against them!!! I simply can not recommend this product due to the reaction my dog is having, which is obviously an allergic one, but NO animal should have to go through this!!!! Frontline had to have known this information, and chose not to release it…BIG mistake on their part, as we were lead to believe it was 100%SAFE!!!!

    Our animals are like our children, especially a service dog, so I feel like I am in the “Twilight Zone”…This NEVER should have happened, and IF she has to go through months of treatments, than I will sue Frontline, but how much do you want to bet there is fine print somewhere on the package that says that it is not fullproof?????? I bet they have fine print that protects them 100%!!!! It would probably take the death of a police dog to sue them to get anywhere!!!! A fully trained poilice dog is worth $20,000 or MORE!

    The other thing that needs to be changed is a law that changes our pets from being property to being members of the family!!!! IN EVERY state animals are merely “property”, and you cannot get punitive damages for “property”…you are ONLY entitled to what the animal is worth, or what you paid for it, and that makes me almost as mad as Frontline causing all of this strife, IF that is what caused it…so sad!!!!!!!

  46. Carol says:

    Hi, Front line Plus, this site because my cat is having severe life threatning reactions, and my dog is itching like crazy. It came out of a hunch and suddenly came to me.

    OMG, I am so glad I stumbled upon this site. I have read many stories that resemble my own.
    First off, my 1 year old cat, after only 2 applications given one month at a time of Frontline Plus has come down with severe life threatning reactions. system and after 3,000 dollars of vet bills and unspeakable stress to the cat and I, It has become abundantly clear to me that their is something in Frontline Plus that is in the least, causing much distress to my cats AND dog. My first cat is hanging on by a thread, literally and I am frantically trying to keep him alive day by day, even though the vet has recommended Euthenasia for him. How horrible, and I hope others will pray for him, and me.

    1 year old Cat # 2 runs around frantically after I apllied it, and has become virtually anorexic. Still eating though quite skinny.

    2 year old Cat # 3 Has become excessively cranky and growls at everyone including us and his pet housemates here.

    I have an 11 month old puppy who’s scratching like crazy non stop and it has been about 2 weeks since I applied it to her. She is constantly scratching her ears as well. Mind you, she did NOT have this problem when I adopted her 3 months ago.

    I truly believe in my heart of hearts that their is something seriously wrong in the ingredients of Front Line Plus. It has adversely effected every one of my pets. And my 1 year old cat is gravely ill now. It is touch and go every day now with the poor little guy.

    My mother has a cat that has started itching as well , mostly her ears, and they are crusty and hair falling off. She has had at least 3 applications of this stuff. Mom brings her to the vet and the vet gives her ear cream, and a cortizone shot. But the problem keeps returning despite veternary care. Could this be ANOTHER casualty of Frontline Plus???? I believe so. It could certainly be another toxicity build up with this product.

    Please be aware people of this possible poison that you are are putting on your pets. I know we need to rid them of fleas, but the toxicity of this product is just not worth it. I am hoping others will band together and share their stories too. We might be giving life threatening poison to our pets.
    God Bless all. And may someone somewhere bring light to this problem.

  47. Patti says:

    My cat gets so miserable when she has fleas. I gave her a dose of Frontline last week to make her feel better. She has had it many times with no problems. This time she has been biting, licking, and scratching herself all day and night. At first I thought she still had fleas, but I finally figured out it was an allergic reaction to Frontline. She has scabs on every inch of her body. I feel terrible that this has happened.I gave her a bath with some hypoallergenic animal shampoo. Bathing a cat is not fun! The company really needs to investigate this problem as I see I am not alone. I hope my cat will be O.K.

  48. Jeff says:

    Our 10 year old Golden Retriever has had summertime skin issues since she came to us as a rescue dog at the age of 2. We never put 2 and 2 together until last summer when we started getting suspicious because the beginnings of the hot-spots, rashes, and other skin issues seemed to coincide with when we resumed Front Line treatments in the spring. Late in the season we switched to using a flea and tick collar instead … and wouldn’t you know it … her skin cleared up within a few weeks.

    Our vet is a true believer in the stuff … But we’re going to use an alternative this summer … I’m pretty convinced that Front Line is the culprit.

  49. Reita Derrick says:

    Wow, Jeff, our experiences are so similar. For years we’ve struggled with the same baffling issue. My English Mastiff has suffered from severe skin allergies for two and a half years. When he was almost a year old, we applied his first dose of Frontline in late spring. Coincidentally we also went camping that same weekend, and he spent a lot of time in high grasses, water, etc. That weekend he broke out in red patchy rashes dotted with hive-like sores and began losing large patches of hair. The hair loss became chronic and our vet has tested him for mites, dermatitis, and a whole gamut of other issues. We’ve put him on restricted diets, used ridiculously expensive shampooes, all to no real avail. His hair loss and rashes seem to let up in the colder months, so we began to assume it was a seasonal allergy. Until earlier this month. I reached for his typical springtime dose of Frontline and paused…this was about the time his allergies would ramp up. In fact, they should’ve already been in full swing, as he’d been outside in the grass every day for weeks. As I stared at his gorgeous coat (it had been cleared up all winter) it dawned on me. He didn’t just break out in the spring, he broke out in the spring when we started FRONTLINE. It’s now mid-May, and his coat is fully restored and beautiful. We’re holding our breath, and if he still has not broken out within the next two months, we’ll be sure it’s that devilish pesticide.

  50. karen says:

    i have an 11 month old bulldog who 4 months ago started scratching until she was raw,i thought that itwas due to kibble allergy so swapped her onto a raw diet,i applied frontline 2 weeks ago and her reaction was so bad that within 4 hours her scratching led to infection which required antibiotics,i also put dermacton cream on the affected areas which is fantastic for reducing itching,her itching is on her undercarriage and arm pits,though it is reducing now im still giving her antihistamines twice daily,my vet agreed a build up of frontline then the latest application is to blame,this is the worst product to use on any pet and so dangerous!!,i rang frontline and spoke to a very snotty woman who frankly couldnt give a damn,this product needs to be banned ,there are too many pets that are suffering even dying from its use,im going to search for an alternative flea treatment that is not a PESTICIDE ,i just hope i havnt perminantly dammaged her immune system,karen

  51. Kathi says:

    My 14 y.o. calico DSH named Lucky almost died last summer when I applied Feline Frontline between her shoulder blades. This was not the first application; I have used it on her in summers past. She never liked it, but never had a severe reaction until this application. She is a very active & young 14 y.o. cat, that originally belonged to my sister that died of cancer in 2006. Lucky had been enjoying the outdoors all her life, and I simply cannot make her stay inside 24/7. She loves to spend some time outdoors when it’s warm.

    Back to the Frontline: I applied it about 11pm, then let her go outside as I could tell she wanted to roll around on her back- to try to get it off. An hour later she was not back asking to come in, there was thunder & lightning and it was starting to rain. I got very concerned as this is not usual for her. I found her lying in the lawn, meowing weakly, and unable to move. I picked her up and her body felt so cold. She was vomiting white phlegm. I immediately took her inside, called our Vet’s emergency number, and took Lucky to her office where she and her Vet Tech met us. Lucky was given IV fluids, IV steroid, oxygen, and a bath. Her liver enzymes were elevated. She was stabilized; breathing easier and her oxygen level was rising. Our Vet referred me to the closest 24 hour hospital/referral center which is 2 1/2 hours away, and I drove Lucky there. She stayed for 1 1/2 days, and within 1 1/2 weeks, was back to herself. I cannot be 100% certain her illness was caused by Frontline, but what a coincidence in an otherwise healthy pet. She is normally a consciencious groomer and is very flexible (almost a contortionist!). It’s my belief that she somehow reached and licked the insecticide while trying to get it off of her skin.

    $1700 to save her, but worth it as I am so thankful that she healed completely. So thankful for every day we have together, after this close call. Lucky is a precious girl!

    I reported the probable reaction to the manufacturer. They and my Vet of course recommend I not dose her with Frontline ever again. And believe me when I say I haven’t and won’t! ***Does anyone know of any flea treatment/prevention that does not have the potential side effect of being neurotoxic/fatal?*** I bought a flea collar last night, but after reading the instructions/precautions on the box, was apprehensive to even put that on Lucky. So I used the flea collar on my other cat instead (who does not go outside).

  52. Jeanne Pagani says:

    My 7 year old Wheaten has been experiencing the same itching sores around the mouth undercarriage, armpits, top, back end. We also thought it was seasonal allergies. But, when he was one and 2 years old we gave him Lyme vaccine and he went lame in one leg, spent $7000. with various vets, 5 to be exact, including Tufts. Water therapy etc. etc etc. When the lameness shifted from one leg to the other I came to believe it was the vaccine. So yesterday we go to the vet again because of the skin problem, gave him a dose of frontline June 9th. Now I’m thinking he is sensitive to drugs and wondering if there are similar agents in both drugs Vet did not know, she gave me a bunch of nothing but she did divulge that she does not give her dog frontline, only Lyme shots. I stupidly did not ask her why she does not? Then I came upon this site to find many others have the same symptoms and it confirmed my suspicion – we are poisoning our dog with Frontline! What are you dog owners doing for flea treatment? Jeanne

  53. Felicia says:

    My dog is actimg very weird since applying frontline plus… he’s very jumpy and can’t be still… I’m scared

  54. Sandra Shaw says:

    I put Frontline on my Old English Sheepdog Thursday. Friday she was all broke out and having difficult time breathing. Saturday took her to vet. She has allergies and he gave her predinisone shot and pills. Sunday she if getting better but still just lays and wants no one near her. I was told don’t use frontline again. I was given a oral flea pill to try next month. Hopefully she is better tomorrow.

  55. Michele says:

    My 15 month old lab has had itching problems since she was very young. I had tried switching food and she seemed to improve until Aug. 1st, when I applied Frontline. That very night she started itching all over. Today, Aug 4, she is covered in hives and has been scratching like crazy. I am convinced it’s the Frontline. We will be seeing the Vet later today. No more Frontline for her!

  56. Laurie says:

    My 3 year old lab has hives all over her entire body and open sores that started today. I put frontline on her 3 days ago. She was also bit by a garder snake this week so I was unsure what she was having a reaction to. After reading this page I am pretty sure it is the frontline! Just spent $56.00 and I will be writing to the company. I will definitely pass this info. on to friends!

  57. Michele says:

    After our trip to the vet, my dog was put on Prednisone which has really helped. She’s still got a few hives and blisters but she’s much more comfortable. The vet wasn’t sure about the Frontline but next month suggested using Advantage.

  58. Butch says:

    Well my cat has a large, nickle sized scab (still with hair on it) right around the same area where frontline was applied. Unsure if related; vet thought it could be an injury of some sort; but agreed it’s awfully odd given the size. Looks like it is improving thankfully!

  59. Dawn says:

    My cat developed the same severe itching and nickle/quarter sized spot at the site where I applied the Frontline Plus. The location where it was applied is now totally bare of fur and has a sore spot from my cat scratching so badly. Off to the Vet I go…which by the way…they recommended the Frontline Plus. Don’t use the Hartz ones at Walmart….I have 3 cats and put one on each cat and I thought they were going to die. They were in a daze and literally “Stoned” for the next 2-3 days after I applied that one.

  60. Worried says:

    It’s nearly 1:00 a.m. and I’m scouring every site I can find trying to figure out what’s wrong with my dog. 26lb 8 yr old cockapoo, who has been in excellent health. Four days ago she became lethargic, then wouldn’t move, had high fever, etc. No cold symptoms — just not moving, barely opening her eyes. Rushed her to Vet and becaused of her high fever, left her for the night. Vet called to tell me she tested “active” for lyme disease (heartbreaking), AND he found a puncture wound between her shoulder blades. We thought she’d played hard with another dog; then when I saw the wound today, it was much worse; dark/black, surrounding skin red and raw. The hole is bigger than he told me; he said it got worse over night, and was wondering if she hadn’t been bitten by a brown spider. But the location really bothered me because it’s exactly where I applied Frontline three weeks ago. She’s been scratching at her ears (no ear infection) scratching like crazy under her chin, for weeks. Could not figure out what the probelm was, and didn’t connect the dot with Frontline until tonight. We even thought it might be a reaction to Heartguard, which the dog received five days ago. Now it may be that she was already suffering alleric symptoms and the Heartguard just tipped it even worse. She’s on antibiotics, is spending the night here at home, but may go back to the Vet with MY diagnosis tomorrow. So very sad… and expensive!

  61. Jess says:

    Worried what was the outcome?

  62. Rhonda says:

    Our 3 yr old Newf had a SEVERE allergic reaction w/in 48 hrs of applying Frontline Plus. Hives on her abdomen and swollen lymph glands. We have used this in the past and did not notice a reaction before. $2000 vet bill for diagnosis and overnight care and medication. Will not use this product again.

  63. Debby says:

    After reading these comments I now believe that my black lab is allergic to frontline plus. He always hated having this applied but I didn’t realize that he was allergic to it until the last dose. He broke out on his stomach and under armpits twice after having this applied. He lost his hair on his stomach from the irritation also. Last month and also the beginning of this month his rash was horrible. We took him to the vet both times and he was put on an antibotic and also a steroid. He isi now better – but it’s time for this flea treatment! I refuse to put the frontline plus on him again although he’s bothered by fleas. Does anyone have anyother solutions? Does frontline plus and heartguard have the same ingredients?

  64. Peggy says:

    Our 3-yr old otherwise healthy English Mastiff had similar symptoms to “Worried”‘s dog. He became lethargic, would not eat and ran a high fever and has fluid in his joints. He was taken to the animal emergency clinic, put on antibiotics, steroids, IV’s. All tests for infection turned up negative. There is a “hot spot” on his back, exactly where Frontline Plus was applied. The vets believe there is a possibility that Frontline caused an allergic reaction. Hopefully he will recover and have no long-term arthritic effects. The vet bill was close to $2,000.

  65. matt says:

    I applied frontline plus to my dog on dec 14th, 2011. by the next day he had a couple of hives. but by dinner time of the same evening his entire shoulders, back and thighs had broken out in hives. and I didn’t think frontline until I started doin some research. and low and behold. I’m not the only one. I read the box 20 times and didn’t see a single warning of possible anything. upon further investigation I found a pc of paper inside the box saying what I now think should clearly say something about what could happen. not save it for a fuckin pc of paper inside the box. if ya had I wouldnt have given ya nearly 60 bucks to poison my dog. I was ignorant to what I thought was so safe cause of its widespread use. but I didn’t know of the widespread cases of similar horror stories. he’s been on prednisone and benedryl since the dec 16th. he doesn’t seem to be getting better. two days ago his temperment changed to lethargic and disconnected. sometimes stairing at nothing for quite some time. my boxer has become a different dog both in personality wise and in appearance. my heart is breaking everyday since the 15. I am taking dax to another vet tomorrow as I simply need a second opinion. my lil boy is everything to me and im sure yours is also. please don’t end up like me and dax. I am hoping since its a monthly treatment his symptoms will subside soon. if the y don’t I may be looking at the slow decline of my best friend. and I’m gonna have to live w the fact I’m the one responsible. I love my dog so much. get the word out. if these ppl won’t let the world know they could possibly destroy their pets lives. I will. twitter, fb, whatever. nobody should be ignorant like I was. the price is simply to great.

  66. matt says:

    sorry for the profanity. I just love my dog to much

  67. Peggy says:

    Matt: Have the vet do tests. Our dog was diagnosed with polyarthropody, which was caused by an infection from Frontline Plus that went into his joints. He wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t move, almost died. He was on antibiotics and steroids (Prednisone), which he is currently being weaned off of. It was strongly felt by our vet and specialists who saved his life that this all started from a “hot spot” infection caused by Frontline Plus. Currently we have spent probably over $2500 because of this and the bills are still ongoing because his treatment is not finished. Hopefully the joint problem was temporary and he’ll be ok, but that is yet to be determined until he gets totally off the Prednisone. Good luck!

    Get your dog help immediately!

  68. Rachel says:

    I have been searching for stories like this from the last 6 months or so. I put frontline on my 10year old yorkie last week, now he already had some dry skin which I now think started with the last dose, I thought it was because we switched to electric heat at first, however last week after applying the frontline and waiting two days to bathe him I noticed something on him that he has never had before. Blood started coming off him and I found a lump on his shoulder I washed him off and began towel drying only to notice a dime size piece of flesh missing with what looked like a puncture wound n the center. It was so red and raw that it reminded me of a hot spot but it wasn’t warm, it didn’t hurt him and the hair wasn’t falling off around it. With him being 10 I thought it could have been a tumor but the lump was new and it’s impossible to progress that fast within two days. The bleeding would not stop so off to the vet we went, he did a skin test and found bacteria in the wound and asked if I had given any topical treatments and that’s when I realized the flesh came off right where I applied frontline. We ran a complete blood work up and everything came back fine so he is now on antibiotics just in case as well as a topical spray for his skin to help with healing, pain, itching etc. I will never ever use frontline again. I have 3 other dogs and luckily they did not have a reaction and it terrifies me to think what would of happen if I used the entire dose on him. Since he is only 5lbs I use half the dose for a small dog.
    He seems to be getting better and today he will get another bath to clean off some of the scabbing and see how his skin is.
    Now I work at a pet supplies store and the other day a customer came in asking if any reactions to frontline had been reported, he has an 8 month old golden who broke out all over after an application last month and his was put on steroids for it. Yesterday a customer who lives next to the store came in and bought an application for her 10 month old black lab and 15 minutes later came running back because her dog had started foaming at the mouth and scratching at the area like crazy, I went to take a look at him and he would not even let me touch the area so I told her to give him a bath right away and try to get as much of it off as possible. She did that and called her vet who told her to bathe him 3 additional times with dawn dishsoap. At that point we stopped selling frontline and called the company who would not but any reps on the phone, so we will be trying again tomorrow but will not be selling their product in the store, 3 dogs in one month is way too many for a product that is supposed to be safe.

  69. Katie says:

    Thank you all. I have been struggling with my FCR having SO many issues, changing her food repeatedly, yelling at my husband for giving her a tiny scrap of food but now, I am sure it is the Frontline Plus. I decided to keep track to see. I changed her food again, shortly after her last dose and she has been doing wonderfully, yet, on Sunday I put the Frontline on and she was rolling on her back, rubbing all over the floor, walls, inside and outside the house. Now, 3 days later she is chewing her feet again, has a rash again, scabs etc. The issue is this– I live in Florida, we are at a hunting camp in the woods every weekend except in summer and all three of my dogs pick up ticks there. I do not know what other options to try even after seeing what everyone else has said.

  70. karen hernandez says:

    I put frontline pluss on my 6 year old chihuhua. And in 2 days he had hives watery eyes bumps on his back and jumped when we tried to touch him I was terrified he would die… Took him to the vet which was a shitty vet,and he said its fine just give him benadryl -_- that it happens a lot with frontline pluss WTF are they selling to put in our dogs :0

  71. Judy bork says:

    My 7 year old golden broke out in blisters from frontline application. Her skin was weeping, swollen and blistered. She was shaved given ointment and heavy steroids to help stop the reaction. I wonder what this med is doing inside her body…oh yeah, it’s poison. Never will do this again, just passing this along to prevent other animals from suffering.

  72. Sue says:

    My pug has the same symptoms from using Frontline. He got firey red all over with big welts on him. He also was in misery with itching. My other 2 dogs seem to tolerate it better. I also noticed my pug seems lethargic for a couple days after application. Anybody out there know of a natural way to get rid of fleas on your pet?

  73. james says:

    What can you use if your dog is allregic to frontline?

  74. Melissa says:

    I gave my 3 mo great frontline. She started to break out weld on and around application area. Luckily it wasn’t a severe reaction like I have been reading. I washed her with dawn dishsoap(penguin on bottle). The break outs have subsided. Gonna wash her a couple more times with it. They have flea and tick pills out there. I have since put her on that. It’s called trifexis. It is heart worm AND flea pill in one. She had no reaction to it. And she be flea and tick free

  75. Grace says:

    In March I put frontline Plus on my 8 yo. Boston. A week later she began to act score like her back hurt her. Three days after that she developed an abscess on her face. She was put on Clavamox. A few days later her fever was nearly 105 and her hock and lymphs began to swell. Lymes/Ehrlich test negative and no cancer. She was put on Zeniquin which did not lower the temp and her leg had ballooned so off the a referral vet we go. Again they tested for tick born diseases and looked for cancer. Blood was sent to a university lab for more advanced screening. Antibiotic was switched yet again. At the recheck temp still elevated but coming down. Since she had a sore that needed to be closed up before beginning steroid treatment we opted to have the lumps biopsied for infection and fungus. Those tests also came back negative. She is being treated for a form of Penniculitis without a known cause. Next step will be a dermatologic specialist as it looks like Frontline plus could be the cause. BTW we are now into this for $4000. In a typical year I only use regular Frontline twice, once in the Spring then again in the fall. We do not have a flea problem we have a tick problem. Thanks for reading.

  76. Carolyn says:

    I too just recently applied Frontline plus and now both my 6 year old chihuhua and 5 year old shih szu have icthy sores on their little bodies. I was so relieved to see that it’s an allergic reaction and not some disease, but how do I treat it?

  77. Heather says:

    After a visit with the vet, I bought and applied Frontline Plus about a week and a half ago for the first time to my 11 year old healthy German Shepherd. A couple days later, he began scratching/licking/biting his legs and occasionally his belly. This now happens several times a day. He is an indoor dog and only goes outside through a doggy door when he needs to relieve himself. He has never had fleas or ticks, and has never had itching like this before. I searched for fleas/ticks/something for the cause of his discomfort and found nothing but red/irritated skin and a little bit of hair loss around his ankle area. Could it be an allergic reaction to the Frontline or is it a coincidence that this started after application?

  78. erin says:

    put frontline on my cat..he had an asthmatic reaction to it..its been over 2 weeks and I cannot get the asthma under control. Been to vet 3 times and down over $500 for this. Now today my pittie has a serious red rash on the application spot..wasn’t there yesterday and I applied it almost 2 weeks ago. Never using frontline again on any of my pets

  79. joe says:

    June 20 2012: We gave our dogs (black lab, 74 lbs, mutt, 11 lbs) fronline plus the day before yesterday, using the appropriate dosages for each dog – the treatments were give at about 4 PM. The lab was fine, they’ve been on it for years. The next morning – about 6 AM – the small dog was listless, didn’t want to eat, and seemed to have a problem with his back legs. My wife – thanks to her research and the notes on blogs – used Dove soap to wash the small dog and we kept an eye on him throughout the day. As the day wore on he gradually improved and this morning he is almost back to normal. Probably be fine by the end of the day. We may have picked the treatments at BJs or Costco, I’m thinking BJs. Going to start looking for something else.

  80. Barb says:

    About June 20th I applied the “big dog” dose of Frontline Plus to my 120lb. Cane Corso female, scattering little spots of it from shoulder to shoulder across what I refer to as the “cape” area, 10-15 spots till all applied. No heavily concentrated areas. Just like I applied it countless times before. No adverse effects. Fleas gone, happy girl.
    On June 23rd, she wasn’t very interested in eating, picked at her food, eventually refusing it all together. Odd, since her twice a day meals are enthusiasticly consumed. When Sophie stops eating, somethings wrong. Hmmmm…. maybe just a little indigestion, Ithought, for she does get treats and sometimes a few too many. Then Her water intake trippled, and has stayed that way. She wont eat but a small amount of boiled chicken or scramb.eggs at a time.

  81. Barb continues says:

    No breakouts on her skin, but EXTREME fatigue, wants out to potty and comes right back in, almost struggles to make it up the
    3steps to come in. Her eyes are blood-shot weepy and nose has been runny. Seems almost like a case of the flu. Her Vet today said he’s puzzled, because all tests, (exam, temp, UA, etc) all show a negative. Blood panel will be back tomorrow,,so we have yet to see that.
    Two other dogs in our home ( both under 15lbs ) are fine, they all got FrontlinePlus at the same time.
    Has anyone gotten SOLID PROOF this is what this crap does? Maybe a CLASS ACTION SUIT should be filed against the manufacturer. Something has to be done to stop these monsters.
    They dont give a rip whether or not our pets are flea free….Its all about the Corporate Bottom Line> $$$$$
    I will report back here once I get Sophies blood panel report back to let you know results.
    Keeping all of our babies in my prayers…….Barb C.

  82. sophie continues says:

    No breakouts on her skin, but EXTREME fatigue, wants out to potty and comes right back in, almost struggles to make it up the
    3steps to come in. Her eyes are blood-shot weepy and nose has been runny. Seems almost like a case of the flu. Her Vet today said he’s puzzled, because all tests, (exam, temp, UA, etc) all show a negative. Blood panel will be back tomorrow,,so we have yet to see that.
    Two other dogs in our home ( both under 15lbs ) are fine, they all got FrontlinePlus at the same time.
    Has anyone gotten SOLID PROOF this is what this crap does? Maybe a CLASS ACTION SUIT should be filed against the manufacturer. Something has to be done to stop these monsters.
    They dont give a rip whether or not our pets are flea free….Its all about the Corporate Bottom Line> $$$$$
    I will report back here once I get Sophies blood panel report back to let you know results.
    Keeping all of our babies in my prayers…….Barb C.

  83. Barb says:

    Sorry but the first part of Sophies struggle with FRONTLINE POISON was somehow sucked into a black hole in cyberspace.
    She got the big dog dose of it on June 17th. She is an 8yr old 120lb Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff ) Two days later, I knew some thing was wrong. Whenever I apply it, it goes on from shoulder to shoulder, almost in a triangular pattern across her shoulders and back of her neck. No concentrated areas, about 20 drops. There were no breakout spots or hives. However, you wouldnt notice that since every square inch of her had puffed up and turned red.
    She is dark gray but her pink tummy, bloodshot eyes,and inner eyelids were real red. Refused food, no energy, sleeping alot, feverish, stress panting, restless, and several episodes of pharyngeal spasms, what some call “reverse sneezing”. Basicaly, suffering aform of anaphalxis. Her water intake, however, trippled.
    She would go out and potty, with coaxing. Finally a little tiny hunger came back, but gave her soft scrambled egg and poached chicken breast. No oil,salt, just protein. I tried everything, those got her to eat. This is a dog that normaly eats 4-6 cups of homemade fresh balanced meals twice a day, and loves it.

    This is about what I can remember of the FIRST HALF of my post that vanished off this page. You probably read the 2nd half, marked continued, first. You’ll figure iit out.
    I sincerely hope any of what my baby girl is going through helps anyone looking for info about this poison. Youre not alone.

  84. Barb says:

    PS…DOC had me give her Benedrylâ„¢ for allergic symptoms.. dosing is 1mg per pound of bodyweight. Come in 25mg caps or tabs. Either are fine, tablets alow you to split the tab for more accurate dosing. Sophie is 120lbs, but I gave her a 100 lb. dog dose,,4 capsues,, wrapped in a pc. of bologna.
    WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Swelling, redness, really reduced. And she feels better.
    Recommended NOT TO EXCEED 3 DOSES IN 24 HOURS. Please check with your own Vet before proceeding. Also ask about giving some ASPIRIN, it will help with any aches/pain they may have.
    I am giving ONE low dose ( 81mg ) uncoated tab every 6hrs.

    AGAIN…Ask your VET if its OKAY and HOW MUCH/HOW OFTEN

  85. Ann says:

    Hi all. I had given my 5 yr old lab/pit mix frontline plus the beginning of May, & June. Her paws stared getting very itchy, she was constantly licking them. All the time I’m thinking she had gotten into poison ivey or something, washed her paws real good, gave her Benadryl, it would help for a little while & would come right back. During that time we watched every move outdoors & made certain she didnt go in weeds where we thought the poison ivey was. Then by June 26th her paws were extremely red, oozy and bleeding, she had started limping due to the pain. Her lip area on her face was every puffy with red bumps all over them. She was laying around all the time not very intrested in playing which is very unlike her. We took her to the vet & he said it was a definite allergic reaction like contact dermatitis or something & gave her a prednisone shot & put her on a round of antibiotics. She’s all better now acting like a puppy again, & even looks skinnier. I believe her entire body was swelled up! She’s solid black so I never actually saw any hives, but I’m assuming she had that at the beginning. After reading all of these posts I’m convinced it’s the front line that’s caused all of this! She never had any of these reactions during the winter months, as she’s not treated during that time. She lives inside the house. Im so glad I found this site & I will never put that stuff on my dog again!!

  86. Mary says:

    Our dog Macey lost her hair at the sites where I applied Frontline Plus. She is a 28 lb. dachshund mix and now I don’t know what else to use on her … I think I’ll just keep giving her baths to keep her fleas away…I don’t need any huge vet bills and I certainly don’t want her to experience any more discomfort!

  87. alison says:

    omg!! ive had the exact same situation with my staffy. i thought he was uncomfortable an itchy due to the summer months tho after applying frontline almost a week ago he has gone bald an has loads of hives all over his shoulders and neck an they r breaking out all over his body, what can i do to help him? i feel awful knowing its me that has caused him to b itchy

  88. Lisa says:

    I will never apply Frontline again. I applied a dose between the shoulder blades of my 6 yr old maltese beagle. He does not like frontline. He usually runs away when he sees it in my hand. Within an hour of giving it , he appeared very sad and quiet. Thinking he would like a walk , my son took him and he was hunched and barely able to walk. He then was unable to walk and had to be carried into the house. He was panting and having tremors of his legs I called the vet and told them that I thought it was a Frontline reaction. They disagreed but advised me to use dish soap to remove it. They said to watch him and use emergency vet care as needed. Over 4 hours of watching him the panting decreased but he still would not walk. Upon putting his leash on to go to emergency vet he began walking normal. It was very strange. I almost did not take him into the vet . I told the e.r. Vet my story. She also said it was not the Frontline. She felt he was having back pain. She gave him IV hydromorphone and a shot of steroids. He was sent home on tramidol and prednisone He again will not walk and is not eating or drinking . I am very worried. He is just lying here!! This is Crazy. I believe it is from the Frontline!!! I am praying he is better in the morning.

  89. Ronda says:

    Our Britanny spaniel has also been poisoned with Frontline Plus. It is almost 3 weeks she is barely holding on. Can anybody help us? Our vet has given her nothing. Also claims if is not Frontline. So does the company. We have been bathing her with Dawn dish washing detergent. She has lost so much weight, sleeps all of the time, wont eat, drinks a lot of water. She is 6 years old. We are afraid she is not going to pull through. Please help.

  90. Helen says:

    Gave the Frontline Plus last week Tuesday to my older Basset Hound, same symptoms as above, itchy, panting, increased water, now lack of appetite – does anyone know how long before these GOD-awful symptoms start to subside????

  91. Daisy says:

    My Jack Russell Terrier is having same horrible reaction as many others. This is her second Frontline treatment this season. Watery eye, uncontrolled jerking when her fur is stroked, Uncontrolled itching. severe redness at application site. I feel so sorry I listened to my Vet’s recommendation (a coincidence, you decide; i.e. where do you run when the problems start). Of course, both the Vet and Frontline are out but so is my pocketbook! I will try the above suggestions and I thank everyone who wrote in to tell what helps.

  92. Sandy says:

    Last month we gave our Bloodhound her first dose of the season of Front Line Plus. She has been scratching and chewing herself raw since then. I feel so bad for her. This same thing happened last year and we blamed the poor cat for bringing fleas in even though we never saw any. Does anyone know how long it will take before this wears off, she’s about 105 pounds. I want to give her a Benadryl to see if that helps with the itchy skin.

  93. Tricia says:

    Our lab border collie mix has suffered for months with open red sores and yellow pus like scaling all over his hind end. I have spent so much money at the vet that I should own half the place! Just now realized it all started after putting on the frontline substitute sold a Walmart. This dog is a mess. We have bathed him twice a week (with no soap or flea bath) just to try and get him to stop itching, chewing and sucking on his body, legs and feet. We now are giving him Benadryl and aspirin to see if that will help.

  94. Dominick says:

    I have a 10 month old Miniture Pincher (Mojo). I have applied frontline twice in Mojos life so far. I noticed Mojo kept scraching in the area frontline was applied. I examined the area an notice their were many bumps under the skin in that area. They feel like cysts. Has anyone else had this reaction to frontline???? I will no longer be putting any unnatural products on my Mojo.

  95. Nick says:

    Last month gave FRONTLINE plus to my basset and within 24 hours he had developed a huge welt/sore in the the application area and localised hairloss.

    With 3 days this has developed into hives all over the body and dramatic hairloss

    30 days on and although the application area has cleared – his whole underbelly is going almost totally bald.

    I contacted FRONTLINE straight away – and they saif this is not an unusual side affect – and just gave me a case number – not comforting


    This never happened when we used UK Frontline when I lived there


  96. Mickie says:

    All these stories sound just like what we are going through with our 8 year old, 97 pound chocolate lab. We’ve been to the vet twice in the past week and poor Jenny doesn’t seem to be getting any better. She’s on antibiotics but today at the vet he shaved off 16 different spots where she had open wounds (back, tail, ear, sides and paw). She also has running eyes which we’ve been treating with steroid/antibiotic ointment for a week now. The vet feels she’s developed glaucoma in her right eye and will likely loose all sight in that eye. She was also running a fever today. He added anti-inflammatory drugs today but is at a loss as to what is causing the problems. She lays in one spot for hours, stumbles when she walks and can’t make it up the 3 stairs to the house without a lot of help. I’m scared to death for her. I’ve passed all the information from everyone on this site on to my vet and am awaiting a call back now. Anyone know how long these symptoms last–we’re going on 10 days now and getting worse instead of better.

  97. Christina says:

    All of the flea meds are traditionally a pesticide. Our first Weimaraner used Frontline successfully but one time I used BioSpot and had same reaction with itchy and rolling and immediately washed off. Our new young Weim was given Trifexis when there was the heartgard shortage back in Feb/March this year and had severe diarehha for over a week, was lethargic and sleepy for 2 days and after much googling and help with her breeded, that can cause some serious side effects and believe that is what happened. Back in early July, we went to a park that was foresty and she had a few bumps near her neck that didn’t seem to go away. Fearing fleas or something else that got to her b/c I was swatting flies off both of us that day, I treated her with Frontline Plus as well. We are still battling a skin issue today. SHe had more bumps after I applied, I washed off that night or next day and talked vet into giving her antiobiotics b/c thought she may have had a staph infection which is common in young Weims and especially in heat like we have had. She was a bit better but not fully so vet had me stop giving Cephaflexin and put her on short course of Pred. Didn’t help at all and even tried some Zyrtec as benedryl didn’t help fully. She was put back on Cephaflexin for 2 weeks and just given another 2 weeks b/c vet knows it got worse when pulled heroff the first time and haven’t figured out. Have no idea if was front line or was the beginning of what I noticed to prompt me to put frontlne on her. She is on different food (fish) and started her on some natural supplements from our vet – STandard Process Derm Support and another immune herb booster. Can’t believe the vet prescribed since they were more convential in the past but she does seem to be improving a bit in 2 days. The issue is that it is bumps only on her back/sides that seem to wax and wane. Nothing on belly/feet/ or anywhere else. She was itchy in beginning but less now but still not going away. Being that it is August and this started in July, it very well can be an inhallant allergy too. She is only 11 months old so don’t have history with a summer but grass and mold are also out right now.
    My point is, any flea preventative or any med can cause a reaction in any animal. If unsure, don’t use or try something with a totally diff ingredient if not sure it caused a reaction. Our other Weim was allergic to many drugs and always did my homework or asked vet about all side effects (even rare) when they were prescribed. Also how to handle a reeaction just in case he experienced. I suggest the same for all of you so at least you are aware of all potential effects and how to handle…just to be safe.
    I hope her skin clears up before winter and we don’t experience again next July but until then, we watch what she eats, bath her in gentle skin shampoo for allergies/infections on a weekly basis and hope for it to go away.
    Good luck with all your dogs as well. I definitelly would not advise Trifexis until you read all of the side effects and google reactions. This is a new drug which is my warning as not much known about. I have bought a spray that will be used when needed as it is not long acting. That way we use low dose and only when needed since in an area that is not flea infested.

  98. Jay says:

    My 5 year old Airedale is having, what I am convinced esp. after reading so many of these stories, an allergic reaction to Frontline/PetArmour (the Walmart Version). I am now wondering if it could be the PetArmour because I have noticed this reaction mostly since switching to that brand, but I can not really prove that. I would not just stay away from anything like Frontline. His reaction has been hives or scabs mostly around his hind quarters, and his neck. Places that are hard for him to reach, making his scratching all the more difficult. I have long wondered what could be causing these outbreaks, and am now convinced it is the frontline. Last summer he also contracted Lyme disease, while on Frontline (never found a tick). So I also question its effectiveness, at lease with my dog.

  99. Christine M. says:

    I applied Frontline to my chihuahua on May 31st and within 2 weeks, he became lethargic, wouldn’t eat or drink and became unable to move. When the vet did bloodwork, his white blood cells were elevated and he was running a fever. They put him on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory over the weekend. Come Monday we were back at the vets because his symptoms were getting worse. They put him on new antibiotics and Prednisone. Unfortunately, he is still on the Prednisone because every time we try to taper him off the pain returns. So now we are in the process of setting up a spinal tap appointment. The vet seems to think it could be immunity defficiency or a form of menengitis….but I believe it was the Frontline, seeing as how he was completey healthy before recieving the treatment!! =(

  100. Stormy says:

    Hi, I recently gave my pit bull frontline. Its been about 2-3 weeks and he broke out into these small, mosquito bite like bumps on his shoulders where the frontline was applied. They were oily at first, then became scabby.. now those scabs have come off into big OPEN sores! The bumps have also spread all the way down his back. I have no idea what to do, I’ve given him an ointment to prevent infection and relieve pain but I want to completely fix the problem if possible, and suggestions on what I should do?

  101. Robert Festinger says:

    while i was using frontline plus i faced the same problem with my boxer dog, he had fiver for 3-4 days as soon as frontline plus applied to it, so my vet told me that may be frontline plus is not for him, so he suggested me aspis forte i.t generic version of frontline plus by his experience, he told me that this could help me, and really it worked as well as no other harmful side effects.

  102. Robin says:

    Hello Christine with the chihuahua!
    How is your dog doing now almost 3 months later? My little dog is having the identical symptoms as yours and she received frontline a week ago. She is lethargic, was running a fever which has subsided. Her white blood cell count is dangerously LOW. We cannot figure out what is wrong with her, but she seems soooo lethargic and she is usually the peppy one.

  103. Jasmine says:

    Hello Robin and Christine! My dog is have the same symptoms, she can’t walk on her back right leg, won’t eat or drink, is running a fever. This is not like her at all she is always very happy and I don’t know what to do :(. She recieved frontline about 3 and a half weeks ago.

  104. Kirk says:

    My dog and I encountered the red bumps, rash, skin irritation and itch to my dog that appeared around his body – 10 month malamute.
    The vet was resistant to acknowledging any correlation between the rash and frontline. My dog ended up chewing his back end raw trying to relieve the itch. He is now wearing a cone for the next three weeks, on antibiotics, and a course of topical ointnment on the sores.
    Spent two weeks trying to find a common cause behind allergic reaction before reading the posts here that described his symptoms.

  105. Mary says:

    My poor Ashton is a Chinese Shar Pei after I put on the frontline plus skin bubbled like a burn. She has a permanent scar on her back with no hair growing back in. She was so sick took several vet visits to get her back on track. No more for me!!!

  106. Louise says:

    Hi all. I realize that your posts are quite old now, but some of the things you mentioned could be from LYME DISEASE, particularly the dog who couldn’t walk on one of her legs and was so lethargic. Yes, Frontline COULD be the cause of all of this, but BEWARE, Lyme disease is a serious possibility, anywhere there are ticks…… and that is almost everywhere. Many of my dogs’ symptoms were attributed to other causes, but then, when tested, the dogs came up positive for Lyme. When treated for Lyme (a long course of antibiotics), the symptoms mostly went away, regardless of which topical flea product I used. Just a thought. One of my dogs scratches terribly from fleas, and just as badly when Frontline is used. However, he does not get a rash from Frontline. He DOES get a rash and welts from Advantix.

  107. Cristina says:

    Hiya, I’m always worried about frontline and will try and use herbal where possible. The product that has caused the worst effect to my two yorkies is milbemax which nearly killed them, they both now have judders brought on by milbemax attacking their nervous system and noise causes them to fall over, they both have gone bold, have fits and sunnie now has heart problems. I never advise anyone to use this and stay away as I only know as both my dogs are suffering

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