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Can my 9-year-old cat’s lower canine be saved

After being out for less than 2 hours today, I came home to find that
my older cat’s (Carlton’s) lower canine had been nearly knocked out
during an obvious tussle with my other, younger cat.

The tooth is sitting sideways (facing outward), but still attached
within the gum. It is obviously very loose and Carlton keeps shaking
his head and flicking his tongue against it because of the tooth’s
awkward position. He’s hungry and wants to eat, but can’t manage it
and sadly walks away. There has been no external bleeding, but the gum
line around the tooth is purple and slightly swollen.

I plan on contacting a veterinarian who specializes in dentistry in
the a.m. (of course this happened on a Sunday!) and am hoping the the
tooth can be saved via a root canal. BUT, will it be too late if I
wait until tomorrow.

Will the tooth have to be pulled out (if I wait too long)? I am hesitant to bring him to an emergency hospital tonight, since I would rather deal with a doctor who specializes in



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  1. Joe - Customer Care says:

    Hi Kathy,

    This is Joe at It’s something that’s tough to answer and needs to be seen unfortunately.

    I’d call your local emergency vet and explain the situation to them and see what they recommend.

    If you need to look one up, here’s the link to the emergency directory

    Customer Care

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