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Can you help me with my pet cat issues?

I want a cat. Can someone tell me what you’ve got to try and do with cats, like for example would you able to place food in its bowl everyday (yes I would) and can you offer me some facts regarding them and do they scratch a lot?


Thanks a lot.



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  1. Taylor - Blog says:

    Owning a cat is one in every of the foremost unique experiences you may ever have. When you have a cat, you do not own it, it owns you. It will love you when it needs and ignore you when it wants, several folks can get quite upset after they feel their cat hates them! But this is cats. You will learn most regarding cats if you think about the following: Dogs like to like you and let you be their master; they’re loyal and loving pets. Cats do not have masters, they’re one of the family simply as your brother or sister are one in all your family, treat them like humans that can’t speak because that is exactly what they are.

    Even though they can not talk, they will understand and they’ll and do communicate but in a very approach that is sort of psychic. Speak to your cat, feed it regularly i.e. the identical time of day every day. Let your cat return to you when it needs, not when you want, however most importantly try to perceive it.

    Cats don’t normally scratch depending on personality, but if they have that in them you would know before choosing one. If your cat seems to be upset with you for days on end it’s probably unhappy at home, they like their homes to be clean and interesting, try to give it some curtains to swing from!! Joking but give it a few toys to play with, a catnip scented mouse will amuse it for hours.

    I hope this helps!


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