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7 y/o Boston Terrier with Grade 3 Mass Cell Tumor

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

My mother’s 7-year-old Boston Terrier was diagnosed with a Grade 3 Mass Cell Tumor.  It was in the Anal/Vulva area.  Although the tumor was completely removed, the Vet and the Pathology report believes the cancer has spread.  Blossom is eating well and shows no signs of the cancer.  The tumor was there for at least 6-months with no other signs of illness.  We have gotten a second opinion from another vet is has dealt extensively with Mass Cell Tumors.  He says that at the moment Blossom is cancer free with no signs.  He has suggested not putting her on any other medications.  She is already taking Benedryl 25 mm twice a day. My mother is against chem & radiation therapy.  I was reading a posting from a lady that says her dog is on MCT nosode, CV 247, Floressence.  Can you tell me what this is?


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