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How do you lift a medium or large dog?

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

My grandparents are unable to lift their dog anymore and have asked me to help them give him a bath. The easiest place to give him a bath is in the tubs in the basement, but this requires lifting him three or four feet up into the tub. He’s twelve years old (about 40 pounds) and is used to this – and hates baths. He knows me very well. I love spending time at my grandparents playing with him, and I walk and brush him regularly!  I have no problem lifting that much weight, but I’m concerned about lifting an unwilling (and fairly large) squirming dog. What is the best way to lift a dog this size so that he is comfortable and feels secure?



Should I adopt a pet, or let my other two cats have a baby?

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

My grandma wants a pet. Since she’s from another country and speaks very little English, she wouldn’t know how to adopt a pet on her own. Should I go to the pound to get her an adult cat of her own, or let my own two cats have a baby to give to her?  Time isn’t a problem, because she’s staying the whole summer.

Thanks you.


Help! My dog has bad breath!

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Whenever I pet my dog or someone else pets my dog he opens his mouth. I have never been able to understand why he opens his mouth when being petted.  I want to make my dog understand that he should not open his mouth when being petted. How to make my dog not open his mouth when he is being pet by anyone?

The reason i don’t want him to open his mouth when being petted is because he has bad breath. He has no health problems because he is only 2 years old, so i don’t think vet is needed.



Anything that might help my dog through his twilight years?

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

jack russell male almost 20 years old. concerned he has cataracts and discoloring on his legs.

afraid he may be to old for any type of surgery.

can you suggest anything to help him through his twilight years?

he is also incontinent.



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