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Choclate Lab with a tumor or ball on her back leg. No money. Please help!!!

I have horrible problem!

I am dealing with Liver Cancer and have no money!

My Choclate Lab is my constant companion, but she has developed a tumor or ball on her back leg. She needs medical care.

Please Respond!!! I assure you this is a real crisis, and I have the paper work to prove it.

God bless you!
BG, San Marcos, CA


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4 Responses to “Choclate Lab with a tumor or ball on her back leg. No money. Please help!!!”

  1. Rose - Customer Care, says:

    Dear Byron,

    Our heart goes out to you and your dog and from what you write, you know your dog needs veterinary care, and soon.

    I’m going to suggest you write a letter to your local newspaper and ask them to publish it. What you need is local help to raise the funds your dog needs to be healed. Getting the word out is your best hope for getting help.

    Also, contact your local ASPCA or other rescue groups and explain your predicament. They may have suggestions for a caring veterinarian who would see your dog at a reduced or free rate so that you can at least know what you are dealing with, and they may even be able to provide some help for you (although most rescue groups are having a tough time financially just now).

    Our very best wishes for immediate help coming your way,

    Customer Care

  2. Byron says:

    Thank you for such a rapid response, Rose.
    I’ll take your advice to heart.
    God bless,
    Byron : )

  3. Judy says:

    Re: chocolate lab with growth on back leg.

    Please contact Laurie @ the magic bullet fund. We are currently getting financial help for our little shih tzu that has lymphoma. They are a wonderful organization.

    Best of luck to you and your buddy

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