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Chronic Pseudomonas infections

Hello, I am interested in possibly adopting a 3YOF, spayed Spinone who is in need of a special home. She has had chronic Pseudomonas infections throughout her short life in BOTH ears and has required her owners to clean, irrigate, use steroids and antibiotics. She has be seen by a Bd.Cert. Vet Dermatologist. According to the owners, their Doggie Derm feels that there are 2 options left: putting down the dog or having surgery to remove both ear canals. Apparently, these ear infections clear up and then come back on a regular basis.
a.. Should I pursue this gal or leave her alone?
b.. Is there hope for her other than this operation?
c.. What is the success rate and Post-op recovery like for the owner and the dog?
d.. Will the dog be deaf?
e.. What is the recommended protocol for clearing up chronic Pseudo infections and how do you treat them?

Please Advise


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  1. Lisa Rich - Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital says:

    I have experienced chronic pseudomonas infections in the ears of 2 of my Brittanys. The infection presented itself differently in 1 ear of each dog. The doctors here at the hospital have been treating my dogs from the onset April of 03. From the beginning the docs recommended a total ear abaltion. I was showing my female at the time, so I put off the surgery. After she finished her championship, I still hesitated – mostly because of my own fear. In the female the infection progressed rapidly. We did the surgery – which went beautifully, once healed no one could ever tell we had removed her entire inner ear unless they picked up her ear flap. Unfortunately, I waited too long for the surgery. Later we discovered that the infection had tracked to her jaw joint and completely ate the bone away. She became unable to open her mouth to eat so she started loosing weight rapidly. We ended up putting her down. My male on the other hand is 8 years old, I clean his ears once everyday, he has been on prednisone for years to control the inflamation. I bring him to the clinic every 3-4 months to have his ears cleaned thoroughly with the MedRx unit. His ear drum has been gone for at least 3 years. We have started a new treatment on him that has shown some improvement already (we won’t know the full extent until we get the MedRx camera down in his ear next month) This treatment is injectable medication that we do not inject but rather place directly in his ear every other day after cleaning. The doctor mixes up the following: 1 10 ml vial of sodium chloride – with 2 mls removed, then add 2 ml of 40 mg injectable tobramycin. I draw out 5cc of this medication per treatment and administer to the affected ear with a syringe (minus the needle). Depending on the severity of your dogs condition you may want to try a lateral ear resection on one ear first. Hope this helps.

    Lisa Rich
    Practice Manager
    Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital

  2. Daniel Lawer, DVM, Sacramento, CA says:

    I suggest you ask your veterinarian if he/she has a product called Zymox. It is a triple enxyme product that I have had great success in clearing and managing chronic ear infections.

    Daniel Lawer, DVM
    Elkhorn Plaza Veterinary Clinc
    Sacramento, CA

  3. Dyanna McCain - LA, CA says:

    Conventional doctors seen it as a bacteria or infection. In Alternative medicine, we see it as a very weaken immune system. I suggest treat or build the immune system and stop the steroids and antibiotics as they are harmful and not really effective as you can see.
    Dyanna McCain, DIHom DVetHom
    Holistic Animal Healing
    Los Angeles, CA

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’d definitely get the opinion of a Holistic DVM. I know nothing about your dog,s malady’s, but my cat has 3 damaged organs and it’s a slow process but I have seen much improvement. Hope Brittany gets better.

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