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Could these be tick eggs?

Its been raining a lot this year and its created a big tick problem.  I have a puppy that goes out and comes back with some every time which I pick off immediately.  I have treated them and have been removing as many as i can.  He just came in with something on his head that looked like dirt but when I brushed it off, it was stuck to him.  Are these tick eggs? I treated him for ticks and Im unsure what to do.  Should I wash him, let the medication work or what?  What do tick eggs look like?


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  1. Taylor - Blog Admin says:

    Hi. We’ve had lots of questions about ticks and fleas over time and put together some pictures of ticks and pictures of what it sounds like your puppy might have on his head.

    You can see the article and pictures and what to do about it HERE:

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