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Dog is vomiting for 2 days but acting normal

My dog vomited twice yesterday. The first time was his food and the second was yellow and watery. He didn’t really eat his food today and just wanted water however he vomited that watery yellow stuff again. He is pretty much acting like his normal self playing and all besides the eating.

What should I do?

Could it be the heat?



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2 Responses to “Dog is vomiting for 2 days but acting normal”

  1. Taylor - Blog Administrator says:

    Here is a good reference on when you should be concerned if your dog vomits. Although it’s from the pet food manufacturer Proud Dog Complete Wellness, it is good information:

    Dog Vomiting: Should You See The Vet?
    When your dog vomits it’s easy to become immediately worried. You start wondering if your dog is sick or if your dog ate anything it wasn’t supposed while you were at work. That’s because when people vomit, it usually means we’re sick. We don’t just randomly vomit and go on about our day like nothing happened (at least I hope not) so we start to translate those same thoughts to our dog. But, before you work yourself into a tizzy and start making an appointment for the vet – calm down and observe your dog’s behavior, because chances are, there isn’t a problem.

    Occasional vomit in dogs is a normal occurrence. If your dog vomits and is happy-go-lucky the rest of the day with no major behavioral changes or lethargy, then it’s OK. However, it’s important to know the difference between a small upset stomach and a big life-threatening problem.

    Vomiting in dogs is due to irritation in the stomach and is different from regurgitation, which is what happens when your dog spits up undigested food soon after a meal. When your dog’s stomach forcefully expels its contents, then your dog is vomiting. There are two primary categories of vomiting in dogs — one of them is treatable from home with a change of diet and a doggy supplement, the other needs veterinary attention and can be improved with dog supplements.

    1. Acute
    Acute vomiting is characterized by a sudden onset. Although usually a one-time occurrence it has in some cases been characterized by repeated vomiting, which can be a sign of a life-threatening emergency.

    One primary cause of acute vomiting in dogs is due to a sudden change in food type such as feeding your dog a new brand of dog food, providing your dog with an unfamiliar treat or even from feeding your dog scraps from the table. These sudden changes in diet can cause an upset stomach and can often be resolved from home so long as the vomiting is not severe. If your dog continues to act normal and look as though it’s feeling normal, then you’re in the clear and don’t need to call a vet. Usually withholding food for 24 hours will allow the dog’s digestive system to settle down. After that, providing small amounts of white rice and chicken will ease your dog back to its original diet.

    2. Chronic
    This is characterized by dogs that vomit one or more times a week on a regular, almost scheduled basis and is usually caused by an inflammatory or irritated intestinal system. Although Chronic vomiting in dogs is not as common as acute vomiting, it is a reason to bring your dog to the vet because it could be caused by food allergies and other intolerances similar to lactose intolerance in people. Many dogs may have developed allergies and sensitivities to ingredients in dog food, which leads to chronic inflammation of the stomach and intestinal tract and your vet will help you pinpoint these allergies.

    Chronic vomiting usually leads to poor digestion and blocks necessary absorption of nutrients. Dogs that have this problem will most likely be choosey eaters and posses low energy levels and low-quality coats. After consulting your veterinarian about what kind of food is appropriate for your dog to consume, make sure to get a health supplement full of natural vitamins and minerals essential for your dog’s health.

  2. Jim Sanders says:

    It’s not uncommon for a dog to vomit from time to time. If he’s acting normal he’s most likely fine. It may be something that he’s eating. If he got a hold on something he shouldn’t have that may have been the cause.

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