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Dog with broken back. Can she be saved?

Hi, my dog was recently hit by a car and has been lame on the back side since the impact. Today the vet said that her back is broken and wanted to put the dog down. However, she is able to pull herself around, go to the bathroom and adapt without the use of her hind legs. I am looking for any alternatives available – dog cart/wheelchair, advice from other experienced pet owners or vets – is there any way to not put her down and let her live with a broken back? PLEASE help -thank you


4 Responses to “Dog with broken back. Can she be saved?”

  1. Mike Keem, DVM - E. Aurora, NY says:

    If you told your veterinarian this and he/she still wishes to euthanize your beloved pet, I’d get a second opinion…..yesterday.

    Mike Keem, DVM
    Aurora Pet Hospital
    East Aurora, NY

  2. Dyanna McCain - LA, CA says:

    Bravo to you! Yes, I have seen many animals with similar conditions and have done well with carts. I would try it. You may want to consider acupuncture as well.

    Thank you,

    Dyanna McCain, DIHom DVetHom
    Holistic Animal Healing
    Los Angeles, CA

  3. jeannie says:

    put it down and get a puppy, sorry if it sound harsh, but the dog will continue deteriorating even if it seems fine now..

  4. Carter says:

    My dog had broken back I just put her down even I love her like my baby but it’s the best way for them. Don’t make them suffer,even we love them so much. It’s very hard for me but we have to think how the dog feel too…I am still crying since then till now…

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