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Guinea pig food/health problem

I was recently away for 3 days and I left my guinea pig home with my mother. I told her what to feed her etc, but apparently she did not listen to me. She bought my piggie some food for rodents (yeah, if you know what I’m talking about you figured out it contains a lot of shelled seeds and nuts). And that’s not all, she bought my piggie some yogurt tablets.

But back on topic:

I think that my piggie ate some of the food with seeds and I have seen some yogurt tablets in her cage that were half eaten. So far she hasn’t shown any signs of stomach ache or something like that. Should I worry about her? Should I do something about it? Please help.

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  1. Taylor - Blog says:

    I am so very happy to read of a young person so very concerned about her guinea pig. Although the things your mom bought for your guinea pig are not the best things in the world for it to be eating it will not hurt your guinea pig to have eaten them for just a few days. Just be happy that your mom was so willing to try to help you and the next time you leave her in charge leave her written instructions as to what to feed and not to feed so you do not have to worry. ^_^

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