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Help me with hampster poop problem

How do I clean my hamsters poop daily because it poops a lot and I need to find a way to clean its poop without wasting a lot of bedding.

Please help me.

Thank you.


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  1. Taylor - Blog says:

    Give it some time and the hamster may start pooping in only one place. You can also try buying it a hamster potty. I never tried one, but supposedly they work. You just place it inside the cage and the hamster will only pee and poo in there. If you want to just clean out the poop, you’re just going to have to pick it out of the beeding. Sounds gross, but that’s probably the only thing you can do in order to not waste so much bedding. Poop, doesn’t smell though, so I’d be more concerned about the urine. Hamster urine smells pretty bad, so focus more and taking out wet bedding and replacing it with new one.

    I hope this helps. Goodluck.


  2. Emmy says:

    If your hamster has any tubes in their cage those are simple and easy to take off and wash out but for the bedding you should really only need to clean it out at most once a week. And as long as you are giving your hamster the right kinds of food their poop isn’t bad for them to be around. they will even actually eat it, it is of great nutritional importance to them.

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