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Help me with my hamster problems

I just got a hamster and whenever i hold him he either pees on me or bites me and whenever i touch him he gets startled. The person at the pet store said he didn’t mind being handled, but my hamster doesn’t like anyone.
What should I do?

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3 Responses to “Help me with my hamster problems”

  1. Taylor - Blog says:

    You just have to keep handling him to get him used to it. Maybe you’re squeezing him too hard. It isn’t hard to apply too much pressure to the little guys and force the bladder to empty.


  2. Emmy says:

    -99% of the time the pet store will tell you that they don’t mind to be handled because they have to do their job and sell you a pet.

    -My hamsters as well will get startled and nip at me when i go to pick they up. I have learned that if you use a large sock on your hand, it makes it harder for them to bite you. or i will hold a toilet paper roll and let them crawl into it and than crawl into my hand and they have never seemed to mind it.

    -out of my 3 hamsters their is still one that will nip at me even if i hold her and give her loads of attention, this is just her personality and i have learned to work around it and know when she has had enough and wanted to be put down.

  3. Duane Lishman says:

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