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Help my pet boxer with psychological problems

Holla! My name is Nathan. We rescued our dog from his previous owner who didn’t treat him too well.  We have other dogs, and he gets jealous of them.  He develops wounds as manifestation of his jealousy! Giving him dog treats aren’t enough anymore. What can I do to help our poor doggie?

Thank you.


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  1. Taylor - Blog says:

    First off, we need to take into consideration that he has been previously mistreated, which will require extra patience and attention. Start from scratch, as if he were still a baby, with your obedience training. Use a leash and keep him under control. Take him away from the other dogs and do this, so that he can focus. Dogs can and will hurt themselves, if really stressed. Just like people. How do the other dog’s rest of the dogs that you have treat him. They also might need to be put in check while you’re working with your Boxer. This breed is a very “contact” breed. They like to feel closeness as much as possible.(most of them)You will just have to show him and all your other dogs that you are the boss, and will dictate to them what is allowed in the pack. Be kind and attentive.

    Good for you for rescuing this dog. It is people like you that make our pets lives, a better place. Take it slow and take it easy. Spend quality alone time, give love, and go overboard with praise when he displays the behavior you expect. Update us all on your progress. Good luck!


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