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Helping my dog overcome mast cell tumors

My Weimaraner was diagnosed with MCTs two years ago – he had two tumors removed, one being on his head so the surgeon wasn’t able to take a wide enough margin. After two operations we decided enough was enough and looked into Homeopathy, and found a wonderful Holistic Vet, we haven’t looked back since.

He is taking an MCT nosode, CV 247 (which is also being trialed on humans and is showing very favourable results), Floressence, he is on an organic RAW diet, has cottage cheese and ground flaxseed, fish oils, garlic, yogurt etc. He is doing extremely well, he’s happy, active and full of life, out hunting every day and people can’t believe he has cancer, it’s amazing!

Research has shown that we are over vaccinating our pets, the wormers etc are filling them with toxins and this is the result, all unnecessary when it can be done naturally IMO.

I urge everyone to please look at alternatives as it’s been a complete eye opener to me 🙂



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6 Responses to “Helping my dog overcome mast cell tumors”

  1. dog breeder says:

    good information… I would definately keep reading

  2. Taylor - says:

    Hi Carol,

    Thank you very much for sharing this information with other pet owners. A pet with cancer is terrible and we’re so happy that you found a therapy that arrested this in your dog.

    Good job!

  3. Lauren says:

    I have gone to a holistic vet and I’m convinced the treatment she gave vs. a traditional (allopathic) vet would have given my 105 lb lab/golden mix gave him at least another 1-2 years of quality life. He lived to be 15 years and nearly four months, which is pretty old for a larger dog. I wish there were more Holistic vets around the country. It’s just a completely different way of training and thinking and it’s nearly impossible to find an allopathic vet who will also practice from a holistic viewpoint. Most dismiss it which to me is a huge turnouff. We have a different larger, 8 year old dog with a second recurring mast cell tumor on her nose, stage three. It’s the same advice as the last time — do surgery, then chemo and radiation. We did only surgery hoping that would take care of it as he got “clean margins” however, it’s come back almost exactly one year afterwards. Other people I talked to at the vets office said their dogs had recurring MST’s (2-3 times) and I asked them what they fed their dogs — COMMERCIALLY
    MANUFACTURED DOG FOOD WHICH IS JUNK! I’m convinced our dog didn’t get a recurrence sooner as she has been fed a top quality dog food (Nutrisca by Dogswell) along with steamed brocolli, brussel sprouts, peas, etc. 3-4 times a week mixed in and sometimes as the sole meal. We also give her 1000 mg of Ester C (non acidic so it doesn’t hurt her stomach or a humans stomach — I take it, too).

    I wish I had a protocol for treatment for recurring MST from a holistic standpoint. I think the Floresence is a good option for detoxification. It’s essential ESSIAC (look up — herbal remedy to cancer for humans). Any other suggestions from a holistic vet or pet owner who’s been down this road?!? Appreciate any advice. Thanks.

  4. My Lab was diagnosed with MCTs too. And the surgeon wasn’t able to help him. Only think what provide good results was use of homeopathy.

  5. suzanne herman says:

    Where can I find these natural remedies? I don’t think we have holistic vets in my area.

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