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How do I stop my dog from attacking my cat?

I have a rescue dog who is part Border Collie and part Hound, so he has extremely strong herding/hunting instincts. He has been out to get my cat since we adopted him almost 2 years ago, but she stays away from him and lives upstairs (where he isn’t allowed).  I’m going to college soon and would like my cat to be able to safely go downstairs to be with the rest of my family, but she can’t with the dog behavior. Any tips for dog/cat fighting problems?

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  1. Taylor - Blog says:

    Discipline your dog. If he is a hunting dog or a rescue dog, that probably or possibly could mean he HAS to attack cats. Just put a gate in the middle of 2 rooms. Put your dog on one side; the cat on the other. Yes, the dog will probably knock the gate down but make sure it’s stiff. If you dont have a gate, buy one off ebay. Buy one thats not too big,nor too small.Or, try putting your dog in the backyard but make sure theres fences all around the perimeter so that he can’t get out.T he dog will probably realize what it’s like to be outside and alone like the cat. When your dog is outside, keep your cat upstairs for a minute and put the dog’s food and water bowls outside then, bring your cat down and let her smell the fresh air!!

    Hope I helped 🙂

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