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How do you know when it’s time to give-up a pet?

I have two parakeets–one of them I’ve had for around four years, the other one I got about a year ago. Since we got the new one, my mother has gotten double pneumonia and had to go the hospital, and I’ve had bronchitis five times already. My doctor and the hospital said it’s most likely the birds. I try to keep the cage as clean as possible, and I’ve got an air purifier too. But I’m just so busy with school now and life.

I’m in my junior year in high school and I know I’ll be going away soon, another factor to consider. But I’m also centering my career around animals (I want to be an animal behaviorist) and I feel giving up pets I chose to take in would make me the biggest hypocrite in the world. How can i start a career with animals when I can’t even take care of them at home?



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  1. Taylor - Blog says:

    Hi Serena,

    If you are too busy right now, it’s nothing wrong with having someone else to take care of your pets for you. Take them to a petting zoo, that way your morals will still be intact and the animals will have an even better environment to stay.



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