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How often do you apply Frontline to your dog?

I’ve been applying it once a month because we live out in a country area with lots of ticks, but I’m wondering if that’s to much. How often do you all apply frontline to your dogs?

This is a stupid question that I should probably know, but when is flea season?




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2 Responses to “How often do you apply Frontline to your dog?”

  1. Taylor - Blog says:

    Every month, 12 months a year. Fleas are most rife in the warmer months, but be sure to use it all year round, fleas can live in paper and cardboard in the home and your dog can catch those just as easily.

    I hope this helps.


  2. Grace says:

    If you do not have a flea problem use the regular Frontline not the plus which has an agent for killing flea eggs. I would have to say that Frontline is good for at least 6 weeks if not 8 or more. I have typically used it just twice a year for ticks, once in the spring then again in the fall.

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