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Is there a vet experienced in dog seizures, a specialist?

I am looking for an experienced vet in dog seizures. Our family dog has been having seizures periodically and the only veterinarian in town has prescribed him medication for epilepsy without conducting any kind of tests. Another vet that used to work in that same clinic told us (when the dog was a puppy) that this dog had an enlarged heart, yet this new vet didn’t think it was something he needed to consider since “his heart sounded fine” so no tests.

We would like to get a second opinion and a more investigated diagnosis.

Could you please help us?


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  1. Louise says:

    If you can’t find an answer here, you can try Pet doctors of America. They might be able to help with your problem.

  2. dog lover says:

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  3. veterinary tech says:

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  4. Loraine says:

    Was there realy an answer?

  5. Seizures are seen in 2 generalised circumstances. In young dogs (less than 2 years) then it may be an inherited condition, especially in some breeds (German Shepherd, Poodle for example).

    In older dogs it may be due to a disorder of the internal organs (liver / pancreas / kidneys / thyroid / brain) or simply senile degeneration with old age. Most vets would suggest a battery of biochemistry blood tests to show up a problem with the internal organs that could initiate a seizure (“fit”). These would not reveal a brain problem though, for this some form of body scan would be required (very expensive). So in practical terms if there is nothing on the blood sample to cause a fit, then most vets would attribute it to advancing age and provide ongoing medication to reduce the frequency or severity of the seizures.

    Sometimes it may not be necessary to treat at all if the fits are infrequent, as the fit is more distressing for the owner to witness than it is bad for the dog to experience.

    In the circumstance you describe, if a dog has an enlarged heart then you are far more likely to see just sudden collapse particularly on exercise that is not associated with the quivering and shaking of the legs that is characteristic of a seizure.

  6. lsy says:

    My pomeranian has a congenital heart condition that has resulted in seizure activity. Always at night. She is on enalapril and was seizue free for more than six month once she started that med. Just last night though she had another one so not sure what the next step will be her. I am hoping an increase in dosage may give her more time to be loved!

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  8. Dave says:

    I am looking for a vet who is a heart specialist in denver. I have a brussels with a heart murmor
    can anyone recommend a good vet on the south side of town

  9. liposuction stomach reno nevada says:

    Even I am looking for a vet who is a heart specialist for my poodle.

  10. Ted says:

    I am looking for a dog seizure specialist. My 10 year old Jack Russell is having 3 to as many as 6 seizures a month. The local vets I have been to, have not convinced me the treatment regimes are appropriate. He has also developed severe dermatitis since all this has started, and I feel he has an allergy to the meds…Help!!!

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