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My cat has a lot of fleas and his medicine isn’t working

My cat has a lot of fleas and his medicine(frontline) isn’t working.

My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat and he sleeps in my bed every night. Lately I’ve noticed a lot of fleas on him, on my bed, and all over my room. There has also been salt like specs which are apparently flea eggs all over my comforter. I love my cat and I don’t want to kick him out of my bed! Anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this problem?





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  1. Taylor - Blog says:

    Hi John,

    You will need to wash the bed linens very well, and make sure that the fleas are completely gone. The advantage or Frontline treatments are the best, but even they take a while to work. If you haven’t tried one of those treatments, maybe go and pick one up. Give it a day or two to see if it is working.

    By the way – don’t bathe the cat after you apply either of those two treatments – that will wash it off.


  2. Sarah says:

    My cat is an indoor cat, has fleas like crazy. I have hard wood floors and I wash my bed linen and hers in hot water ALL THE TIME! I have tried frontline, advantage, the walmart brand , flea shampoo, flea combing, and every other natural or unnatural thing I can find.
    She is 16 years old, healthy and spry but she is getting attacked. What is this?? I have never had this happen with a pet before.

  3. Linda says:

    Hi Sarah,

    This is Linda from VetLocator. We also used to have a similar problem with cats. Here’s how we handled it. We treated the yard with a natural product, Uncle Ben’s Cedar Oil (just our own personal preference to using non-toxics around our pets), we treated the house with a similar product from the same company and we treated our cats.

    Fleas lay eggs it is true, and these can be dormant but they are also typically in the yard and when you have a continual problem, chances are you have infestations both in and out. So clean, treat, clean, relax.

    Hope that helps.

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