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Mysterious illness 10y/o dachshund going blind. Help

I have a 10 year old dachshund and has always been very healthy.  All of a sudden he has gained a lot of weight, he seems to be going blind, and today we noticed a small lump on his neck.  It seems to be somewhat hard and jagged.  He is acting mostly normal except a little slow since his sight is going.
Both my wife and I recently lost our jobs so we cant afford expensive vet bills so we have been putting off taking him to the vet but the small lump we found today made us worry.
Any ideas what we could be looking at here?
Thank you for your help,

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  1. Taylor - Blog Administrator says:

    Hello Jason,

    This is one of those questions that a veterinarian needs to see your dog for. A 10 year old dachshund is considered a senior and losing their sight is not uncommon – although I’m sorry to hear your dog is losing his sight. If you have a regular veterinarian, ask him if you can bring your dog in to be checked. You need to set your mind at ease on what is happening. If you are financially tight, let your vet know up front so he or she can work with you in providing the best level of care you can afford. Do for him what you would want done for you in the same situation.

    Best wishes,

  2. Emily says:

    My 7 year old mini dachshund had a small lump on his side he suddenly went blind in days and now weighs 26 pounds the vet took blood tests and found he has low thyroids and needs supplements

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