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Please give me something I can do tonight. Dog throwing up

Hi my name is Beth. Please read this with your heart.

Please please give me something i can do tonight till I can get him to the vet. at 8:00am.

My baby (dog) is doing throwing up real green stuff not eating nothing but peeing blood every time he pee’s.

Please Please help me!!!

Thank you


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3 Responses to “Please give me something I can do tonight. Dog throwing up”

  1. Joe - Customer Care says:

    September 24, 2009

    Hello Beth,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. You need to call someone NOW and get advice. There is something REALLY wrong and your dog may not make it. Call the poison hotline or a 24 hour vet and do it NOW Beth.

    This is urgent.

    Here is our emergency directory link.

    Customer Care

  2. Jay Morgan says:

    My dog is a 3 lb4oz Yorkshire Terrier. My 14 year old companion’s back has had a ‘curve’ develop in her back towards her little rump/tail end, with her spine showing (very ‘pronounced’). When she tries to walk, she does so, in an out of control way… gaining speed and falling over or running into something. She appears to be “frustrated”, as she will sit down abnormally, with her legs both together, to the right side… as if she were being ‘modest’ (not to “reveal” ‘private’ parts) it initially looks cute, BUT she is in obvious pain; sometimes she will reach down and ‘grab’ her foot and gnaw on it, as if she was quite frustrated. She has been “spewing” considerably lately and is always needing an unusual amount of water, lately. What (if anything) can I do for my bitch? Bitch is her name, of course. I do have oxycontin, baby aspirin, etc. but I’ve been hesitant in administering even a tiny amount, even if the entire pill were pulverized with a morter and pestal, mixed thoroughly (before administering any). Real pain relief has got to be done or euthanasia would be the only alternative, ‘humane’ answer. In that case, I would assume a good size portion would let her peacefully expire.
    Most Urgently Submitted,
    J. Morgan

  3. Jay Morgan says:

    I forgot two “points”:
    1) Her legs are “crossed” when she sits.
    2) My wife has had a cold/flu… “spewing”, also; actually… BEFORE Bitch started doing it. Is it possible that my dog contracted an illness from my wife?
    I didn’t think human sickness isn’t “spreadable” to our friends in the animal world…
    Continued Thanks,
    J Morgan

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