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Puppy neutered – not peeing yet…worried

I got my 9 month dog neutered yesterday and he hasn’t had a wee yet, he has been drinking and eating since he came home.
I am getting quite concerned, can you give some advice please?
thank you


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  1. Taylor - Blog Administrator says:

    Hi Marie,

    Chances are it hurts him right now so he’s reluctant to go, but it’s important that he does, so you should call the veterinarian’s office who did the procedure and ask for advice.

    Here is a good reference for the first 24 hours after neutering:

    Blog Administrator

  2. Jerry says:

    Hi there. I think your puppy’s having a bit of a problem there.. If you really don’t know what to do, the best advice I could give you is go to your nearest veterinarian and have your puppy a check-up. For a dog lover like I am, their health should be of our priority. Godspeed!

  3. Betta says:

    That’s what puppies are. The only thing you can do is understand them and be patient.

  4. Harde says:

    What happened. Did the vet have an answer for you?

  5. Mark says:

    Just for a reference to anyone else having this problem I had my 1 year old Shih-tsu/Maltese neutered on a Friday. I picked him up at 4 PM that same day and he didn’t pee until Saturday night/Sunday morning. He went in the middle of the night and again when I took him out at 6AM. I could tell he just didn’t want to because he was in pain. Also he didn’t poop until Monday at about 10 AM. All that time he was eating and drinking, not a lot mind you. I kind of limited his food intake to about 50- 75% until he went.

    I am sure it varies from dog to dog but 24-48 hours isn’t abnormal. As with anything consult your vet if you have even the slightest concern.

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