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Puppy with Parvo after 3 shots. Why?

A friend of mine has a puppy & after getting it’s third Parvo vaccine the Puppy ended up with Parvo. The puppy lived but it was just awful & the expense was tremendous so I just wanted to see if there was any recalls or issues with Parvo vaccines.

Thank you for getting back to me.


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  1. Ihor Basko, DVM - Kapaa, HI says:

    The most common reason that puppies get Parvo, is due to exposure to the virus at the vets! It is difficult to remove the virus from clinics, hospitals, pet stores, and animal shelters.

    Don’t let puppies run in the parking lot, on the floor of the waiting rooms or exam rooms, etc.

    Always carry your puppy in. I vaccinate for Parvo at 8wks 12 wks an 16 weeks. The vaccine only begins to protect after 3 weeks.

    If the puppy is not healthy… worms, poor nutrition, or looks weak, I will give the PUPPY vitamins and herbs to stimulate the immune system, then give the shots a week later.

    Dr. Ihor Basko, DVM
    All Creatures Great & Small
    Kapaa, HI

  2. Phillip McHugh, DVM, - Durham, NC says:

    There is no issue or recall with Parvo vaccine.
    Unfortunately, some dogs and especially some breeds (Rotties, Pits, Dobes) are “hard” to vaccinate. They don’t mount a good immune response. A lot also depends on age. A 12 week puppy that has received 4 vaccines is still not protected.

    Philip McHugh, DVM
    Park Veterinary Hospital
    Durham, NC

  3. Dyanna McCain, DVetHom. - LA says:

    Unfortunately, vaccines are not a 100% effective and can sometimes even cause the very same disease it is suppose to protect the animal from. If giving this vaccine, it is best to give separately. I would urge you to look further into vaccines in general. Some good books are

    1). What vets don’t tell you about vaccines………by Katherine O”Driscoll 2). Shock the system……………………………………… .by Katherine O’Driscoll

    You can also google Dr. Jean Dodds

    Building the immune system and feeding a raw organic diet are the best ways to have a healthy pup!

    Best of Luck,

    Dyanna McCain DVetHom.
    Holistic Animal Healing
    Los Angeles, CA

  4. Anonymous says:

    Parvo virus is almost 100 % preventable if simple rules are followed: Vaccinate at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. Do not put them down on the ground anywhere but in a fenced-in yard where strays or ill animals can not get and have not been. It is heartbreaking to see little puppies walking around parks, etc. They are almost sure to get parvo. Unlike my holistic friends, I strongly disagree that vaccines cause parvo. I have never seen that happen in many years of practice, and unfortunately a lot of quackery is out there that is trying to pass for good medicine. A miniscule percentage of patients, human or animal are harmed by vaccines, and millions of lives are saved every year by them. To suggest otherwise is absurd and dangerous to puppies’ (and children’s)health. Mack L. Barney, DVM

  5. Ted Picks says:

    Hi my name is Ted I have a Rottweiler pup she just got her second parvo needle so she is 12 weeks old the breeder I brought her off said only give her the two needles not the three.
    What would be your view on this.

  6. Meli says:

    I have had 2 bad experiences with parvo vaccines. One of my dogs was 12 weeks old and had previous vaccines, but on the third one contracted the virus right after being vaccinated. $500 in vet bills later he pulled through. Recently I took in a stray pup that was 13 weeks without any shots. She got the parvo vaccine and got sick right after and died within a few days. We spent $300 trying to save her and she didn’t make it. VETERINARIANS do not know exactly what parvo is! After begging out vet for more info on the disease they simply didn’t have any answers for us. We will NOT be giving any more parvo shots!!!!!!

  7. Lisa says:

    My son just got 2 beagle mix pups the were 7 weeks old at the time we got them .They came with booster shots .(Parvo) .Very healthy, had been vet checked ,wormed every thing that needed to be done.I was surprised to hear in a week ,just today,my sons puppy has parvo .Come to find out he had a pup there at the house where he is living that died of Parvo, previously .I am freaking out thinking my puppy will have it also as they were playing together just the other day.His puppy is going in to stay at the vet tomorrow at the previous owners expense. Bless her heart, as we do not have the money .What will we do about the Parvo that may have infected the puppy from his home.How do you get rid of it in the ground?

  8. Grant says:

    We have fostered 200+ puppies for our local shelter. We replace the plastic flooring in our puppy room weekly and bleach the yard after a parvo puppy breaks(if they were ever outside). We have lost maybe 20 puppies over the years. We have done major cleaning, waited time between fostering again. Most of them broke with parvo right after they arrived and had contracted it while at the shelter. Recently we have had a couple contract it after the second shot having been in our house for a while. I am not certain that there isn’t something in the shot and the genetics of some dogs that makes them struggle to beat parvo. I do know that most of the time when I have seen parvo, flies were around. I am curious as to any suggestions about increasing their chance of survival.

  9. James says:

    Hello everyone,

    Your dogs contract parvo from stepping foot on the vet property. It’s not the shots that kill them. Do the injections at home or have the vet come out to your car to get the vaccine.

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