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Small tumor on side of dog’s paw

I noticed a small, grey looking tumor on the side of my dogs paw. I first noticed it a couple weeks ago, and it seems to be slowly growing and he is licking it.

It has a couple hairs growing through it.

What types of procedure can i expect if i take him to the vet? Is there a way to freeze off the tumor somehow without surgery?

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  1. Taylor - Blog Administrator says:


    Sorry to say this, but what you are asking just has to be seen by a vet first. Chances are it is one of the types of growths we’ve had others describe and our pro’s reply to earlier that are non-cancerous and simple to treat, but I’d hate to guess and be wrong.

    Here is a link to some earlier information on paw growths (and some have pictures):

    So with that warning that you take your pup in, let’s see what our vets say, OK?

    Blog Administrator

  2. sherry says:

    Why would you wait a couple of weeks. You should have gone to the vet right away. Sherry

  3. Carmen says:

    Hi there. My dog had the same thing. she is now 14 and I noticed little wart looking growth’ in several places on her skin. I did ask the vet at the last visit and she said that this is a common thing in older dogs and some may be cancerous. She suggested to keep a close eye on them and call her if I feel they are bothering my dog. Since 2 days my dog has a simular looking growth on the inside of her paw. It is swollen also has a cluster of smaller warts. I have a call in to the vet and hopefully it’s some harmless alergic reaction to something. I am afraid though it may be cancerous, just because she has other spots on her skin that are described online as skin cancer. Those don’t seem to bother her at all….wish her luck. After all, she is just about 100 dog years old and otherwise gets around very well.

  4. Charlie says:

    Why worry about spending money for a Vet. your pet cannot talk to you for you to be getting you upset about their pain and suffering, so just keep right on enjoying your air head life and by the time your mom is 80 you will have hardened up enough so that you can just duct tape your moms mouth shut so she can’t be complaining either and stick her in a corner and let her die too.

    Boy how great I am.

  5. Linda says:

    Charlie, I don’t know what side of the bed you got up on this morning, but whichever it was, it was the wrong side. I hope you treat your pets better than what you’ve written here.


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