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Special needs kitten – manx syndrome

Hello, I am in desperate need of any help/advice you may be able to provide.

I have a 9 week old kitten who was diagnosed by a local vet with ‘manx syndrome’. He was born w/o a tale and as a result, he has no control over his bowel movements. He walks on the sides of his back legs also. The vets only suggestion was to put him to sleep- but I refused to take that option.

He is very playful, and seems to enjoy his life- he also has a great appetite. I notice that his belly is swollen though, and he does bleed from the rear at times.

I am currently using baby socks for diapers and when I change him I apply betadine solution to keep him clean and a little antibiotic ointment as well.

I want to help this little guy have the best quality of life as possible- any help you can provide is appreciated.

Major concerns: Loose stools, bleeding, swollen tummy.

Thanks, God Bless


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  1. Jeannie says:

    I have a three week old Rumpy who uses his bags legs in tandem as though he is doing the breast stroke. I would like to do physical therapy with him in the hopes that he could learn to be stable on all 4 legs – I have searched and searched to try and find what this therapy might be to no avail. Some one here mentioned water and that makes sense but would love to hear all and any suggestions please.

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