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Strange looking growth on my dogs paw between his toes

I just noticed this strange looking growth on my dogs paw between his toes. Maybe you have an idea of what this is.

What is this?????

What is this?????


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6 comments on “Strange looking growth on my dogs paw between his toes

  1. Taylor - Blog Admin on said:

    Hello Phillip,

    We had another pet owner ask a similar question which you can read about here:

    One of our pros identifies the growth as a histiocytoma,

    And you can read more about what that is here:

    Blog Administrator

  2. Hi, Neat post. Thank you!

  3. Hally Finch on said:

    Most histiocytoma will shrink on their own. Simply wait a few months but if it doesn’t you will need to have it removed.

  4. Nicky Mildred on said:

    Is histiocytoma develops on kittens too?Horrible.

  5. Drake Miles on said:

    What are the early signs of histiocytoma for dogs?

  6. Reni on said:

    My dog has the samething,but i desided to squeeze it and something came out like a worm so i kept squeezing it and something that looks almost like a sack came out and now his foot is okay,but i keep looking for anything else because he is very important to me :)

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