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2 y/o adopted terrier mix. Chronic scratching help needed

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Terrier Mix recently adopted from shelter, 2 yrs old Chronic itching around mouth a eye area and biting leg as well at times.

What treatment is helpful for yeast infection?



Hi Marie,
This is Taylor, Ask A Pet Pro’s blog administrator. Sorry to hear about your new one’s problems.

Have you had your pup checked by a vet yet for the cause of the itching? There can be several reasons for the itching, including a yeast infection, and one of those is caused by mites that create a condition called demodectic mange. Here is a picture of that:

Demodectic Mange courtesy of

Demodectic Mange courtesy of

I’d rule that out first as the treatment will differ from treatment for a yeast infection.

Here are some links for more information on demodectic mange:

Let’s see what advice our pro’s may have for you as regards to yeast.

Blog Administrator


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