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Heartbroken…My older dog is ready to leave & the younger seems to be failing too.

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

I have two dogs (one is 13 the other 11).  The older dog has had hip issues and poor health for a while.  We have been trying to let her go naturally in hopes that it will be easier on the younger dog.  However, in the past couple of weeks the younger dog has gone from 70 lbs down to about 50.  When I noticed the rapid weight loss I started spoon feeding her soft food and she now eats the soft mixed with crunchy on her own but doesn’t appear to be gaining any weight back.  I noticed this after she was wormed.  She has always been and extremely healthy and happy dog so this change is painful to watch.  Any suggestions on how to get her to gain weight back?  I am heartbroken to think that I might have to have her euthanized.  🙁

I have tried calling a few vets in the area but they all suggest I bring her in but it is far too tramatic for her.  She panics when her sister isnt within view.

Any suggestions is appreciated.



Search for local house call vet for at-home euthanasia

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009


I hope you can help me. My wonderful companion of the past 12 years is getting ready to leave me. She’s in increasing pain and the vet told me there is nothing more to be done for it. She has been failing pretty fast this past week and I want to have a local veterinarian on standby that can come out if I need it to put her to sleep at home.

These arrangements are so heartbreaking for me to make, but I want her to spend her last days surrounded by her loving family while she can still enjoy it, and then help her to go when the pain becomes unbearable for her.

I was not able to find someone local using your site. Can you help me?

I live in Santa Ana, California.



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