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Holistic vet helped my dog with mast cell tumors on head

Friday, August 27th, 2010

My Weimaraner was diagnosed with MCTs two years ago – he had two tumours removed, one being on his head so the surgeon wasn’t able to take a wide enough margin. After two operations we decided enough was enough and looked into Homeopathy, and found a wonderful Holistic Vet, we haven’t looked back since. He is taking an MCT nosode, CV 247 (which is also being trialled on humans and is showing very favourable results), Floressence, he is on an organic RAW diet, has cottage cheese and ground flaxseed, fish oils, garlic, yogurt etc. He is doing extremely well, he’s happy, active and full of life, out hunting every day and people can’t believe he has cancer, it’s amazing! Research has shown that we are over vaccinating our pets, the wormers etc are filling them with toxins and this is the result, all unnecessary when it can be done naturally IMO. I urge everyone to please look at alternatives as it’s been a complete eye opener to me 🙂


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