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Why won’t vets accept payments?

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

I always thought that veterinarians were supposed to be caring, compassionate, animal-loving people. We moved back to this area last year with our two dogs.

One is a younger dog who is well socialized and enjoys doggy daycare immensely, so he goes to the vet regularly. The other is a 15 year-old beagle who had canine dementia, cataracts and quite a stubborn streak. We did not take him to the vet often because he was old and in fairly good physical health for his age. I took great care in trying to find a veterinarian.

The younger dog had been seen there several times over the past year but not the old boy. Well, the old boy got fixated on a spot and pulled himself bald. By the next day, it was dollar-sized and I called the vet who could not see him until Monday. By that point, his ear and face had been scratched raw and even benadryl spray did not help.

The vet bill would have been more money than we had that day, so we asked if they would let us pay on Wednesday. We had no outstanding bills, but they refused to treat him until Wednesday and the old boy has now died. I have changed vets as there is no compassion in that office, just the need for the almighty dollar. I am overwhelmed with grief.

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