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Using Doxycycline and Frontline together?

Hello my name is Susan. My dog tested positive for E.Canis for three times now. He is on 10mg/kg once a day tablet of doxycycline these days but since he has hundreds of ticks, I was wondering if getting rid of the ticks would help alleviate the problem. So would it be safe to apply Frontline while he is on doxycycline?

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  1. Taylor - Blog says:

    Susan, there is no danger in using doxycycline and frontline at the same time. We do it all the time at the clinic where I work. We have rescues that come in with fleas and kennel cough. We give them doxycycline for the kennel cough and frontline for the fleas.

    E. Canis is transmitted by ticks, so keeping your dog on frontline year-round is a good idea. Dogs can be re-infected multiple times and frontline can help prevent this.


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