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Want to add a second cat to a 1 cat house. Help.

I want to get another cat but I already have one. She’s about 7-8 yrs. old.

I plan on getting a male that’s about 1-3 years old.

What is the best way to introduce him to the household?



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One Response to “Want to add a second cat to a 1 cat house. Help.”

  1. Rose - Customer Care says:

    Hi Frieda,

    We applaud you for expanding your kitty household. However, you’ve asked a question that is not easily answered. A lot depends on the personality of your current cat and your new.

    Cats are creatures of habit and they get used to having things just a certain way. In a one-cat home, your cat is used to being an ‘only one’.

    When a change is introduced into a cat’s routine, they will often become upset.

    We recently added another cat to our 2 cat office and, more or less, it has been successful simply because the new cat knows he is the new one and he lets our female be the boss.

    She is still crabby around him if he tries to come too close to someone in the office before she’s been petted. Afterwards, he’s allowed to be there and she won’t hiss at him.

    Here are some suggestions for how to introduce a new cat into your home:

    Best Wishes for your new and old cats,
    Customer Care

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