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What do I feed my Sulcata tortoise?

I just got this turtle from a reptile convention. There was a turtle breeder and there were Sulcata tortoises, so I bought one, but I’m afraid to feed him/her (you can’t find out the gender until it five) because the breeder told me on thing, and different websites are telling me other things.

The breeder said they love apples, but don’t feed them citrus fruits. Dark green vegetables too.

I decided to double check on the internet. It said to feed them straw or tortoise foods, and that they grow fast. It told to be absolutely no surgery fruits, which includes apples. The second website said no store bought tortoise food, and if they grow too fast it causes a lot of health problems, and if they grow too fast that means your feeding them wrong, which just made me think to cancel everything the first website said.

So after all of that I still have no idea what to feed him/her. It just made me more worried on what to feed him.

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One Response to “What do I feed my Sulcata tortoise?”

  1. Taylor - Blog says:

    Tortoise diets should be mainly comprised of collared greens (vegetables) and/or pellets; however, I usually top the food dish with some cut-up apples or strawberries. I believe citrus fruits are NOT a good idea, and do your research as to what veggies you can feed them; the general rule is NO iceberg lettuce, and there are a couple more less commonly found veggies that are not good to the animal.

    Long story short: Apples are fine. Tortoise food is safe. Goodluck.

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