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What else can I do for my dog with bad hips

My 13 year old Weimaraner was having issues with his hips but was still able to go out to the bathroom without assistance. I’ve had him to the vet for this and we’ve tried Adequan, Rimadyl and a joint enhancer supplement but his problem is getting worse.

Yesterday he fell after going to the bathroom and I had to help him get back up and pretty much had to carry him up the stairs. I’m not that strong and I’m concerned that I won’t be able to do this much longer.

What else can I do for my boy? I love him very much and, other than his hip problem, he is a happy and healthy guy.



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  1. Rose - Customer Care says:

    Dear HELP!

    You did not mention whether you’ve tried physical therapy, acupuncture or some of the more common nutritional supplements for your dog.

    All of these things are typically suggested for hip dysplasia (which is what it sounds like your dog has), is a somewhat common condition in certain breeds.

    I’d ask your vet if he/she thinks these might be helpful for your boy.

    Best Regards,
    Customer Care

  2. Debra Watson says:

    Dear HELP, Have you heard of Cetyl-M. It is all natural and works amazingly well.
    Beef flavor makes it easy to give also. It was originally designed for horses.
    I gave it to my old dogs and it worked wonders. Look on a Pet Provider site and you will find it. Hope this helps your old dear-heart…..Blessings…Debra……

  3. Linda Burnham says:

    We give our 15-year-old Acti-Flex Canine for her joints and Rimadyl for the pain. We also just bought her some little shoes for her hind feet, as she is having trouble controlling them. She is blind and deaf, but still has a ton of spunk. We talked to her thru an animal communicator, Tera Thomas ( and she said she wasn’t ready to “go” yet and could she have some more fried chicken. Tera can do this on the phone.

  4. Joey Lounder says:

    Help is obtainable and should be thought about. Behavior manipulation and anxiety natural remedies can provide the help you need to make the situation work for all involved. It is an inherent quality of canines to need to you and obey. Sometimes they needs the understanding from you to get there. Building that relationship and bond between man and dog can sometimes be a challenge. But one times it is there, your dog will be a loyal and loving member of your relatives.

  5. Tommy says:

    Try bowenwork and acupuncture and or chiropractic. You need some solutions that will actually help fix the problem, rather than just mask the problem.

  6. Jeff says:

    Does daily massage help? I also wonder about L-caritine?

  7. troy says:

    Acupuncture and chiropractic can be vey helpful.if of late you have not given it a trial please do with the help of a vet,, its very painful watching this happen to your boy,,not being able to help

  8. srh says:

    I used Duralactin with pretty good response.

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