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What happens if my cat licks frontline?

What happens if my cat licks Frontline?



4 Responses to “What happens if my cat licks frontline?”

  1. Taylor - Blog Admin says:

    Hi Marie,

    We’re not vets here – (I’m Taylor, the VL Blog administrator), so I can’t give you a veterinary answer, but here is an answer I found with a little research from someone who had a similar question.

    Yes, your kitten should be just fine, it if was 6 weeks old it might be a different story though. The active ingredient in Frontline is Fipronil, so the main side effect that is seen and trust me I’ve seen it and have had calls about it a million times at work, is drooling and/or frothing from the mouth. Other than that, there have been no other problems from getting it in a pets mouth, or at least in my 10 years have I ever seen any other problem with it. The drooling will quit soon, just make sure kitty has plenty of drinking water out! But don’t worry, she’ll be fine.


    10 Years as a Vet. Technician

    That being said, every animal reacts to things differently, especially cats, so if you see any weird reactions, at all, call your vet ASAP. We just did a story in our newsletter about one spot flea treatments and there have also been adverse reactions and even deaths reported. The main thing is keep an eye on your kitty and do what you think is right in your circumstances.

    Best Wishes,

    Blog Administrator

  2. Gantiang says:

    If you tried Frontline and Advantage and still have prebloms, you should talk to your vet. Those products should work effectively.References :

  3. Kim says:

    OK I got it, the cats will be ok.
    But did they lick off the expensive Frontline I paid for???

  4. Linda says:

    Hi Kim,

    Frontline works well on being absorbed if you applied it according to chances are your kitten got the dosage you applied.
    It can cause problems to some pets and people because it is highly absorb-able and, as a result, they get some on them too and have a bad reaction to it. Without doing a blood test it is impossible to tell what levels are in your kittens system now, so just keep a look out for fleas and check in with your vet if you see fleas before the next application of Frontline is due.

    Good luck!

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