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What’s the best thing I can do to my kitten with manx syndrome?

I am a foster mom for 4 beautiful kittens now 2 weeks old.  I have had them for one week (mom is here also). One of  the little manx kittens had a “sore” above her tail which was seen by a vet.  I was instructed to put neosporin on it.  I then noticed the kitten was not straightening her back legs when she walked.  I took it to another vet and here is the bad news.  She has spina bifida – the worse case of Manx syndrome and will not be able to walk or control her bowels or bladder.  We have a no-kill shelter so they will do everything possible but I know there isn’t much that can be done.  She will be unadoptable.  Even in a no-kill shelter they will euthanize for medical reasons. So I have agreed to keep her with her litter-mates until they are 8 weeks and will go back to the shelter for neutering and adoption.

My question is…. what is the best things I can do with little kitten with what is probably the last month of her life.  Should I play with her or let her just enjoy her siblings?

Thank you.

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  1. Taylor - Blog says:

    Just let her enjoy her siblings with you. She has several more weeks before return to the shelter. There is hope until then that she could improve. If tests weren’t done then give her a chance. She may surprise you. If she doesn’t improve, you are correct, she would be unadoptable and the end result would be to euthanize. I doubt that they would spay her or put her up for adoption. If she is not in pain, and the vet can confirm this, she will have a few weeks of quality of life. This is a decision you and the vet will need to make. It’s a difficult one.



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