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Welcome to the October edition of Vets-N-Pets-N-Stuff! To see ALL the goodies we have for you, double click on this email to open it up fully. In this edition we've made some changes to our newsletter format and we've added some new features. One of these is our video clip of the month. This month's clip is about Skidboot the dog and it's great. In honor of October see our article on Dr. Frankenkitty and the reason she got her name. As usual, we've got some great money saving offers for you at the end of the newsletter, so don't miss those!

In this Edition:

  1. Heros: Little Police Dog Helps Arrest Flasher
  2. Tip: Remembering your pet in your will
  3. Pet News: American Idol's Randy Jackson & 9 Lives Morris the Cat join forces
  4. History: Ancient pet cemeteries found in Peru
  5. Weird Science: Dr. Frankenkitty's new cat
  6. Pet Health: Five Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health
  7. Video of the Month: Skidboot the dog
  8. DEALS AND SPECIALS: Money Saving Coupons and Great Deals

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Little Police Dog Helps Arrest Flasher

Yay for little dogs! You will be charmed by this little guys picture and the feat he pulled off on his first day on the job. Anyone who owns a little dog knows that many of them think they're big dogs anyway. To read his story, CLICK HERE.


By ELIZABETH SIMPSON, The Virginian-Pilot

Remembering your pet in your will

Many owners feel their pets are full members of their family. Like most of us, 70 year old Fay Francisco hadn't given much thought to what would happen to Poppy the cat - with whom she's shared a home for 17 years - if she should fall ill or die.

Learn the advice Fay got from her attorney and what you should think about for the care of your pets. Click here to read the full story

Canvas on Demand LLC

PR Newswire

American Idol's Randy Jackson & 9 Lives Morris the Cat join forces

September 19, 2006 -- New York, NY -- Randy and Morris held a press conference today in New York's Grand Central Station to discuss Morris' Million Cat Rescue(TM) Campaign to find loving homes for one million homeless cats. Morris the Cat has adopted the first Cat in a million and named him Li'l Mo.

Click here to read the full story

We're Not Just For Ferrets!

Palm Beach Post

Ancient pet cemeteries found in Peru

Nowadays it is common for grieving pet owners to honor their pet with a burial plot in a local pet cemetary or a special spot in the yard. Apparently this custom is as ancient as the bond between man and his companion animals. Find out what Peruvian investigators unearthed this month. Click here to read the full story

LiveAquaria.com - The aquarist's choice for live freshwater and saltwater fish, corals, live rock & sand, invertebrates, and live plants.

By JAMIE REID, The Enterprise

Dr. Frankenkitty's new cat

Sometimes pet breeders take things a bit too far........ See the results one breeder achieved that earned her the title "Dr. Frankenkitty".
Click here to read the full story


By Jeanie Lerche Davis, Web MD

Five Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health

A pet is certainly a great friend. After a difficult day, pet owners quite literally feel the love. In fact, for nearly 25 years, research has shown that living with pets provides certain health benefits. Pets help lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety. They boost our immunity. They can even help you get dates.

To see more ways that living with pets improves your health,
Click here and read the full story

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Skidboot the Amazing Dog

Charlene Boyd, well-known Animal Communicator and longtime advertiser on VetLocator.com forwarded this video to us. We were so charmed at the amazing video story we had to share it with our readers. Enjoy the amazing story of Skidmore the dog
Click here and see the video


Deals and Specials

Money Saving Coupons and Great Deals

Nutro Pet Products offers a frequent buyer program. Fill out a simple registration form and get a buy 10 get one free card and $20 worth of coupons. Click HERE for this offer.
If you've ever been at a loss to try and understand why your pet is behaving a certain way or whether he/she is happy, feeling OK or is anxious about something, the only thing missing is COMMUNICATION. This month Charlene Boyd, renowned Animal Communicator is offering readers of Vets-n-Pets-n-Stuff 10% off her consultation prices. Call her at 877-907-1741 or email her and tell her you'd like this special.
Purina has a new brand "Naturals". Click HERE to sign up to get a free 6oz sample of this new food for your cat.
If you plan on dressing up your pet this Halloween, Dog.com has some cute costumes on sale at pretty good prices. Dog.com - Discount Pet Supplies
For all you Ferret owners (and we have many owners on our list), The Ferret Store is offering free shipping this month.
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Happy Halloween from VetLocator.com

Halloween Pet Tips

We've compiled a list of Halloween tips to keep your pets safe and happy when Trick-or-Treaters are out roaming the neighborhood.

Click HERE to read the article>

Have a GREAT October!

Adam Ferguson

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Montague Vet Hospital
Dr.Richard Coburn and Friend

Montague Vet Hospital is located in New Jersey. They treat all sorts of critters. If you are in the area, give his clinic a call! Click on the link for more info.

Dr.Mornane and Staff

Pinecrest Pet Hospital and Aussie Animal Hospital are located in Miami. Dr. Mornane is a charming veterinarian with a strong Aussie accent. Both these facilities offer full service care for your pets along with a a number of specialties. Click on a link for more info.

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Meals On Wheels

A cat died and went to Heaven. God met her at the gates and said, "You have been a good cat all these years. Anything you want is yours for the asking."
The cat thought for a minute and then said, "All my life I lived on a farm and slept on hard wooden floors. I would like a real fluffy pillow to sleep on."
God said, "Say no more." Instantly the cat had a huge fluffy pillow.
A few days later, six mice were killed in an accident and they all went to Heaven together. God met the mice at the gates with the same offer that He made to the cat.
The mice said, "Well, we have had to run all of our lives: from cats, dogs, and even people with brooms! If we could just have some little roller skates, we would not have to run again."
God answered, "It is done." All the mice had beautiful little roller skates.
About a week later, God decided to check on the cat. He found her sound asleep on her fluffy pillow. God gently awakened the cat and asked, "Is everything okay? How have you been doing? Are you happy?"
The cat replied, "Oh, it is WONDERFUL. I have never been so happy in my life. The pillow is so fluffy, and those little Meals on Wheels you have been sending over are delicious!"

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