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Seasons Greetings and welcome to the December edition of Vets-N-Pets-N-Stuff!

As we enter the last month of the year, it's a good time to reflect on all that makes your life special and how your pets add to the richness of your life.

In this month's newsletter you will read about amazing pets, amazing people and even a video from the Nation's First Dog Barney, plus helpful tips to keep this season bright. As a special treat, make sure to read "The Gift Of The Old One", our last offering in our right column which came from Charlene Boyd's Talking-To-Animals newsletter.

Enjoy this month's issue and have Happy Holidays with your pets!

In this Edition:

  1. Heros: The Dog who smelled cancer
  2. Heart: Couple drives more than 800 miles to adopt a cat
  3. Health: Obesity in pets can lead to diabetes
  4. Party Animal: Gus the good-time camel parties on
  5. Pet Pictures:Pet Photo Tips
  6. Christmas: Christmas Trivia Quiz
  7. Video of the Month: Barney's Holiday Extravaganza
  8. DEALS AND SPECIALS: Money Saving Coupons and Great Deals

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The Dog who smelled cancer

Nancy Best and her dog Mia have a special relationship, one that was made even closer because Nancy is positive the only reason she is alive today is because of Mia's amazing nose.

One afternoon 6 years ago Nancy was taking a nap when Mia came to her and began nudging her breast. Nancy pushed Mia away and went back to sleep. However, Mia's strange behaviour continued over the next 3 days, always nudging in the same spot. Nancy decided to check, and discovered a lump which turned out to be cancer, and she knew Mia had saved her life.

Read about Nancy and Mia's story, and how some dogs are amazingly accurate when it comes to identifying cancer.



Couple drives more than 800 miles to adopt a cat

We've all experienced it - looking at pictures of adoptable pets and falling in love with one. When Nancy Inman and her husband saw the picture of Sebastian the 2 year old Tuxedo kitty in the paper, they knew he was meant to be theirs. The trouble was, he was 400 miles away!

Read about the Inman's story of love for a kitty.

Click here to read the full story

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The Sun Herald

Obesity in pets can lead to diabetes

November 30, 2006 -- Stepping off the scale yesterday, I smiled ruefully at the 5 pounds I've already gained after a wonderful Thanksgiving and 3 holiday parties, and Christmas is still a couple weeks away! My dog looks a little chubbier too and unfortunately, that puts both of us closer to being at risk for diabetes. I have no excuse becuase I know better but my dog is an innocent in her weight gain and I resolve to tighten up both of our diets immediately to avoid gaining any more before the new year.

This article by Dr. Tracy Acosta, a veterinarian at Biloxi Animal Hospital in Mississippi, is a good reminder that we, as stewards of our pet's health, need to be mindful of what they eat and how much exercise they get so they enjoy a good long healthy life.

Click here to read the full story

We're Not Just For Ferrets!

Gus the good-time camel parties on

Imagine you and your friends preparing for the big Christmas party, baking 200 mince pies, stocking in the food and drink (including the party favorite, Guinness). Then when all is ready and you've gone home and changed for the party, you return to find that someone has wrecked all your work eating the food, including ALL the mince pies, and drinking the Guinnes, leaving trash and half eaten food everywhere.

Now imagine the person whose done all this damage is not a person at all. He is a CAMEL. That's right, a party animal camel named Gus.

Click here to read the full story - The aquarist's choice for live freshwater and saltwater fish, corals, live rock & sand, invertebrates, and live plants.

By CAROL MCALICE CURRIE, Statesman Journal

Pet Photo Tips

I love pet pictures and, judging by the number of pet pictures we receive, most of you do too. Pet pictures taken during the holidays make great gifts and keepsakes.

The following article has tips from a professional photographer for getting great results with your pet pictures.

Click here to read the full story


Christmas Trivia Quiz

OK, I admit it. I am a sucker for trivia quizzes.

Someone sent me this link recently and I took the Christmas Trivia Quiz. It is short and fun and I did so-so.

Test your memory on Christmas past and enjoy!

Click here to take the Quiz

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Barney's Holiday Extravaganza

Barney is the First Dog. He and his companion Miss Beasley lead very busy lives at the White House caring for the President and Mrs. Bush. During the holidays, like most of us, they are especially busy.

Here, for the first time, is a peek into the life of Barney as he plans his Holiday Extravaganza.

(When you click on the link you will be on Barney's White House website page, you'll see a box on the right that says 'Barney Cam V', where you choose your video playback method. Click on the one you want to use and if you are not sure, use Windows Media, as most computers have this installed, to launch the video)

Click here to see the video


Deals and Specials

Money Saving Coupons and Great Deals

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Holiday Pet Tips

We've compiled a list of tips to keep your pets safe and happy during the holidays

Click HERE to read the article

From all of us at, may you and your pets have a safe, happy and loving holiday season.

Adam Ferguson

Special Pet Pros

Animal Hospital of Tiffin
Dr. Bob McClung

Animal Hospital of Tiffin is located in Tiffin, Ohio. They are an AAHA accredited, full service animal hospital treating both large and small animals so they can enjoy a long and healthy life. Click on the link above to visit their web listing and to contact them.

Dr. Linda Oliva and Friend

Linda Oliva, DVM. Dr. Linda Oliva is a graduate of Texas A&M University, and has practiced veterinary medicine in northwest Houston for 19 years.

For 17 years, Dr. Oliva was a veterinarian for Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus and the radio talkshow host for PetWise on CNN-650. Click on the link above to see Dr. Oliva's listing and to contact her.

The Gift of The Old One

By Eunice Day, Washington ME

The young couple had made their usual hurried pre-Christmas visit to the little farm where dwelt their elderly parents with their small herd of goats. The farm had been named Lone Pine Farm because of the huge pine, which topped the hill behind the farm, and through the years had become a talisman to the old man and his wife, and a landmark in the countryside.

The old folks no longer showed their goats, for the years had taken their toll, but they sold a little milk, and a few kids each year, and the goats were their reason for joy in the morning and contentment at days end.

Crossly, as they prepared to leave, the young couple confronted the old folks. "Why do you not at least dispose of The Old One? She is no longer of use to you. It's been years since you've had either kids or milk from her. You should cut corners and save where you can. Why do you keep her anyway?" The old man looked down as his worn boot scuffed at the barn floor and his arm stole defensively about the Old One's neck as he drew her to him and rubbed her gently behind the ears. He replied softly, "We keep her because of love. Only because of love."

Baffled and irritated, the young folks wished the old man and his wife a Merry Christmas and headed back toward the city as darkness stole through the valley.

So it was, that because of the leave-taking, no one noticed the insulation smoldering on the frayed wires in the old barn. None saw the first spark fall. None but the "Old One".

In a matter of minutes, the whole barn was ablaze and the hungry flames were licking at the loft full of hay. With a cry of horror and despair, the old man shouted to his wife to call for help as he raced to the barn to save their beloved goats. But the flames were roaring now, and the blazing heat drove him back. He sank sobbing to the ground, helpless before the fire's fury.

By the time the fire department arrived, only smoking, glowing ruins were left, and the old man and his wife. They thanked those who had come to their aid, and the old man turned to his wife, resting her white head upon his shoulders as he clumsily dried her tears with a frayed red bandana. Brokenly he whispered, "We have lost much, but God has spared our home on this eve of Christmas. Let us, therefore, climb to the hill to the old pine tree where we have sought comfort in times of despair. We will look down upon our home and give thanks to God that it has been spared."

And so, he took her by the hand and helped her up the snowy hill as he brushed aside his own tears with the back of his hand. As they stepped over the little knoll at the crest of the hill, they looked up and gasped in amazement at the incredible beauty before them. Seemingly, every glorious, brilliant star in the heavens was caught up in the glittering, snow-frosted branches of their beloved pine, and it was aglow with heavenly candles. And poised on its top most bough, a crystal crescent moon glistened like spun glass. Never had a mere mortal created a Christmas tree such as this. Suddenly, the old man gave a cry of wonder and incredible joy as he pulled his wife forward. There, beneath the tree, was their Christmas gift.

Bedded down about the "Old One" close to the trunk of the tree, was the entire herd, safe. At the first hint of smoke, she had pushed the door ajar with her muzzle and had led the goats through it. Slowly and with great dignity, never looking back, she had led them up the hill, stepping daintily through the snow. The kids were frightened and dashed about. The skittish yearlings looked back at the crackling, hungry flames, and tucked their tails under them as they licked their lips and hopped like rabbits. The milkers pressed uneasily against the "Old One" as she moved calmly up the hill and to safety under the pine. And now, she lay among them and gazed at the faces of those she loved. Her body was brittle with the years, but the golden eyes were filled with devotion as she offered her gift--Because of love.

Only because of love.