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Welcome to the March edition of Vets-N-Pets-N-Stuff!

We cover quite a few items on fleas this month so you can ensure you and your pets have a flea free year. We have some good tips for you and a recipe for Flea cookies

If you've not visited our site recently, we have a new feature, our 'Ask A Pet Pro' blog. There you will find questions from pet owners and the responses from veterinarians and other pet health professionals to each question. We have an example in our newsletter in the right column. Our video is Clydesdale's snowfight. It is a commercial that ran on and earlier Superbowl Sunday, and it is worth watching again and again. We also have a couple of free pet product offers that you will want to get.

Enjoy this month's issue! - Adam

In this Edition:

  1. Pet Health: Dog dermatology
  2. Pet Tips: Preventing fleas - tips for your dog and cat
  3. Pet Story: Bobby comes home
  4. Pet Recipe: Flea biscuits
  5. Video of the Month: Clydesdale's Snowfight
  6. Pet Product Freebies: Money Saving Coupons and at Deals

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Dog dermatology

Many pet owners have use our "Ask This Pet Pro A Question" feature and get great advice and often find a new pet pro in the process. We follow up on each request and see the questions that pet owners are asking our pros. We noticed there are many questions regaqrding pet skin problems and our pros give varying recommendations based on their experience, training and specialties.

Here is an article that addresses dog skin problems and what could happen if these problems are left untreated. (It is not a pretty picture)

Along with the information in this article, you can also check out our "Ask A Pet Pro" blog which has dozens of pet health questions the the pro's answers. This blog is a great resource and pet owners can search for pet health answers or post their own questions for our pros.



Preventing Fleas, Tips you can use today

It has been a pretty strange winter. We live in Southern California where earlier this month the weather went from a cold of 38 degrees one day to a high of 94 the following week. Weird!

Yesterday I noticed my dog was rubbing his ear and later scratching behind his leg, a sure sign that flea season has arrived.

Here are some tips we found at eHow to help you reduce or eliminate fleas from your home and your pet. The staff at are in the process of compiling our own list of flea and tick prevention tips which we will add to our resource library when they are done. Most of our tips are based on natural products and suplements you can try and from what we've seen during our research, what works best is a combination of 'at home - do it yourself' ingredients and a visit to the vet. Your veterinarian will also have a full line of products that give good results and you can read about some of their recommendations in our "Ask A Pet Pro Blog" page. Just do a search for fleas to see the pet owner question, then click on the comments link below the question to see the pet pro answers. Click here to read the full story

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Bobby comes home

You know how there are times you read a story that tugs at your heart? This story did that for me. It is a story that begins in tradegy, a dog, a fire, a slim chance for survival and an unexpected yet wonderful ending. Read on for the story about Bobby come home.

Click here to read the full story

We're Not Just For Ferrets!


Anti-Flea Cookies

**Note: garlic and brewer's yeast in this recipe help fight fleas on your dogs. Fleas do not like the smell or the taste of them :)

  • 2 cups unbleached white flour
  • 1/2 cup wheat germ
  • 1/2 cup brewer's yeast from the health food store
  • 2 cloves minced garlic
  • 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 cup vegetable, chicken or beef stock
Combine the flour, wheat germ and yeast in a large bowl. Gradually add the oil and garlic to this mixture, alternating with the stock. When all are combined, roll out on a lightly-floured surface to a thickness of 1/4". Cut out into cookie shapes and bake on greased cookie sheets at 400 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes. Cool in the oven, leaving them in there for a few days to dry out, after which you can leave them out in a doggie cookie jar for several weeks.

Most dogs LOVE these cookies. - The aquarist's choice for live freshwater and saltwater fish, corals, live rock & sand, invertebrates, and live plants.


Clydesdale Snow Fight

Two things happened recently. I visited the snow (remember I live in California) AND I discovered Budweiser's Clydesdale commercials. I love them all and could watch them over and over. Here is one they did that you'll enjoy.

Click here to see the video


Deals and Specials

Money Saving Coupons and Free Pet Products

Probios Dog Treats - Free Probios dog treats when you fill out a survey. Click HERE for this offer.
Get a free sample of Poopsie Grass cat grass seed sample. Click HERE for this offer.
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Ask A Pet Pro

Here is a recent question from our blog 'Ask A Pet Pro" which contains questions pet owners have asked with responses from some of our pet pros:

I have 2 dogs and need information on an alternative to regular vaccines. They had their shots last July for rabies parvo and distemper, and one of them had a seizure 3 days later.

What do they actually need for this year? I heard it is not necessary to do all this yearly, except by law they are required to get rabies shots which is only needed every 3 years. Can you clear this up????

Pet Pro Answers

"There are several vaccines licensed for 3 year use and I believe Pfizer is about to release one for distemper and parvo that is licensed for 4 year use in the near future. In any case talk to your veterinarian to see if the benefit of re-vaccinating is worth the risk. Sometimes we do not repeat vaccines ever if the reaction is severe enough."

Dr. Karen Johnston
Hampton Vet Hospital
Speonk, New York.


"Yes, this is true. We are finding some seizures, thyroid issues etc. from too many vaccines. Please check the net on vaccines and you might also look under Jean Dodds DVM for her recommendations.

In many states you are not required to give annual vaccines - except rabies, so you should check the laws in the state where you live.

I know of several veterinarians that would advise you to not vaccinate your dog again, especially because of the seizure acitivity after the vaccines. On the label of the vaccine, it says not to vaccinate a unhealthy animal.

If you live in a state that does require annual vaccinations, see if your vet will write a letter stating that because your pet has adverse reactions to the vaccine, they recommend it not get them."

Dyanna McCain
Westwood, CA
Holistic Animal Healing


"Distemper and parvo vaccines will last 3 years. There is also a 3 year rabies vaccine and, if your county animal control department recognizes that, it only has to be given every 3 years. However, how can you be sure that one of the vaccines caused the seizure three days after the injection? Has this dog ever had a seizure before or after ? There are so many causes of dogs having seizures one can't be sure if the shot caused the seizure, especially after 3 days."

Dr. Ernest Smith, DVM


"We use triennial vaccination for distemper, parvovirus, and hepatitis in my practice. I don't know where you got the information that vaccination leads to seizures in dogs. Would you please ask that person for the results of the double-blinded scientific study that proves that? I'll save you the effort....there is none. Vaccination has prevented disease, suffering, and even death in BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of humans and pets around the world. While there are instances of what is considered "over vaccination", progressive veterinarians administer only what a patient needs based upon its' "lifestyle". If your veterinarian is still a "cookie-cutter" one, do yourself a favor and find another one. My daughter lives in your area and goes to ****************** and loves them. You may wish to visit them."

Mike Keem, DVM
Aurora Pet Hospital
East Aurora, NY

Pet Quotes

"To err is human, to forgive, canine"
~ Anonymous

"To err is human, to purr, feline"
~ Robert Byrne

"There's no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat."
~ Wesley Bates

"The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals"
~ Anonymous