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  1. Introduction Happy 4th of July!

  2. Good Pet News: Cat returns home after 10 years  

  3. Pet Net News: US veterinarian treats India tigress via email  

  4. Pet Health News: Be alert for signs of kidney failure in your pet  

  5. Weird Pet News: Latest Thing In Pet Services: Doggy DNA Testing  

  6. HELP THESE PET OWNERS: This week's requests for help  

  7. Video of the Week: Printer problems  

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Happy 4th of July to you from

Tomorrow is going to be a great evening of bar-b-ques, fireworks and get togethers. We hope you and your friends and family have a wonderful time, but want to remind you to make sure your pets are safely tucked away before all the noise begins. Some tips: Leave your animals secured, preferably in an inner room with some background noise such as a fan or television going. Make sure your pets have their collars with tags on in the event that they somehow manage to get out (many pets get traumatized by fireworks and bolt, losing their sense of direction).

Our video of the week deals with a technical problem we are having at our office, our printer keeps messing up and we'd like to see if you can figure out why............

Have a wonderful holiday and a great week!

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Cat returns home after 10 years

A British cat has been returned to its owner 10 years after disappearing from its home.

Click here to read the full story, Incorporated


US veterinarian treats India tigress via email

A wounded tigress in India is receiving advanced veterinary diagnosis and care, via email, from a US veterinarian.

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Be alert for signs of kidney failure in your pet

Tainted pet food from China resulted in many pets going into total or partial kidney failure. At we still see many pet owners writing in about kidney failure in their pets or problems their pets are having that have the same symptoms that the owner needs to check out. Here is a short article that highlights some of the symptoms of kidney failure so you can be alert to them.

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LA Times

Latest Thing in Pet Services: Doggy DNA Testing

Is Your Mutt Half Sheepdog Or A Quarter Cocker Spaniel?
Some Owners Can't Resist.....

Click here to read the story.

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This week's requests for help

These pet health questions are answered in our "Ask A Pet Pro" blog. To see the answers to the questions, click on the link under the question.

  • Help! My dog is losing coordination in his hind quarters

    My 10 1/2 yr Chesapeake Bay began losing coordination in his hind quarters several months ago. After numerous Dr visits and a round of Rimadyl he is continuing to get worse. His left side worse than right. I've been told dysplasia but he doesn't act or cry out as if in pain & is able to put weight on his hind legs but unable to keep his balance...starting to drag his left side until he's able to get up, then almost crosses his hind legs.

    Is there anything I can do?

    Thank you!

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  • High blood pressure in dog.

    My dog has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and I'm positive that this is the result of her being strressed at the vets office. They insist that they take that into consideration but still want to treat her with norvasc and benazapril. I am uncomfortable with that method of treatment. I don't believe her blood pressure is as high as they say it is. Does anyone know a more natural treatment or any suggestions? I need someone to come to my home to take her blood pressure. That is the only way I would believe it was accurate and considered to be high.

    My dog never had kidney problems until she started with the norvasc. They said norvasc would not harm the kidneys. I don't believe that either. They say her high blood pressure is cause from the kidneys leaking protein into the urine. My dog weighs 20 lbs.

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  • Teeth cleaning problems

    Question: Do you know of any herbal supplements I could try (and the
    dosages) for FUTD?

    I have a great female lab mix. She is 4 years old, and the most fearful, anxious and unhappy friend I have ever had. She is allergic to environmental stuff and is on antigens and low dose steroids. I recently saw on TV that she can have acupuncture treatment for some of these problems. Can you help us?? Labs done last week are all normal except for a very slightly elevated Alk. Phos.

    Thank you, BVB

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We've had some printer problems in our office recently and we took a video to help diagnose the problems. See if you can spot what is wrong........


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Your site is very easy to use and I appreciate that!"


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