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  1. Introduction The Dog Days of Summer

  2. Pet News: New scams and warnings to be alert for when purchasing pets  

  3. Pet News: Salmonella From Pet Turtle Kills Baby  

  4. Pet News: "Divine Canine" founding monk dies  

  5. Weird Pet News: Fake vet in 'undercover kitten' sting gets probation  

  6. HELP THESE PET OWNERS: This week's requests for help  

  7. Video of the Week: Spot the telecom dog  

  8. Advertisers: Deals and Specials  


It has been hot pretty much everywhere. So much so we feel our tails dragging when we have to go outside. Hope you are managing to keep cool in the heat. This week's news: Our first story deals with scams and warnings that can save you heartbreak in the future. Next is a health alert about pet turtles and salmonella risks. Then there is the story about the founding abbot behind the show "Divine Canine" passing away. It was the first we'd heard of him, and his story is quite interesting to read. Our final news item is about Fred, the undercover kitty who helped in exposing a fake veterinarian who had been operating on pets.

Our video of the week Spot the Telecom dog is a commercial from 'Down Under' that is almost a mini-movie.

Have a great week!

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New scams and warnings when purchasing pets

Scammers are continuing to prey on unsuspecting folks who respond to advertisements online & in the newspaper, or who buy from sellers at flea markets and roadsides. Here are two different stories that serve to warn you on what to be alert for.

Click here to read the full story, Incorporated

Web MD

Salmonella From Pet Turtle Kills Baby

A baby girl in Florida died in March of salmonella infection linked to her family's small pet turtle, the CDC reports.

Click HERE to read the story


Chicago Tribune

"Divine Canine" founding monk dies

Rev. Laurence Mancuso, the founding abbot of The Monks of New Skete, whose hilltop monastery in upstate New York is renowned for breeding German shepherds and teaching a holistic approach to dog training, has died in Framingham, Mass. He was 72.

The monks became so well known they are featured on a television show, "Divine Canine," on the Animal Planet cable channel.

Click here to read the full story

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Chicago Sun Times

Fake vet in 'undercover kitten' sting gets probation

A guy posing as a veterinarian that was collared in an undercover sting involving a kitten named Fred was sentenced to probation and mandatory psychiatric treatment. Click here to read the story.

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This week's requests for help

These pet health questions are answered in our "Ask A Pet Pro" blog. To see the answers to the questions, click on the link under the question.

  • My dog has suddenly developed hives

    Hello. My dog has developed sudden onset of hives-now being treated with prednisone (3 weeks so far) and special diet.

    Is there a homeopathic that could be substituted? I don't like using steroids.


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  • Need help for cat with CRF

    I have a 13 year old cat that was recently diagnosed with mild renal insufficiency. She was put on Hill K/D dry food. I originally had her on Eaglepack Holistic food. The only wet food she will eat is the Fancy feast canned food. And I was told that is not good for her since she has CRF. I eralize that the sodium and phosphorous content in the Hills food is low becasue of the CRF, but the phosphorous content in the Eaglepack food is only 0.9 % compared with Hills which is 0.3% Is that a big significance? Plus she throws up in a while on the Hills food, but NEVER on the Eagle Pack food!!

    Any comments??

    Thanks, Steve

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  • Is there a natural way to treat mange in dogs?

    Question: Hi, I was wondering if you know of a natural means and herbs to treat mange in dogs?


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Spot, the amazing telecom dog

Here is a very enjoyable commercial for an Australian telecom featuring the adventures of Spot, the amazing telecom dog.


Click here to see the video


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