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  1. Introduction: Weekly News
  2. Recall News: Another pet product has been recalled over contamination fears
  3. Recall News: FDA Blocks Nutro Pet Food Shipment from Entering U.S.
  4. Ad News: National Advertising Division(NAD)Rejects P&G Pet-Food Claim
  5. Weird Pet News: Man turns over angry pet spider to SPCA
  6. HELP THESE PET OWNERS: This week's requests for help
  7. Video of the Week: "I Do Dog Tricks"
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Weekly News

Greetings! In recall news, another pet product has been recalled, this time manufactured by Mars Foods and there is news that the FDA recently blocked more than 100 Nutro pet food products from entering the United States.

In other news, the National Advertising Division of the BBB is taking Iams to task for unproven claims regarding veterinary recommendations. Then there is the story of a tarantula owning New Yorker showing up at the SPCA to turn over his angry 'pet'.

Our video of the week is actually a website called "I Do Tricks". Visit it and you'll be asking yourself, "How do they do that?"

Enjoy and have a great week!
- Adam

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Another pet product has been recalled over contamination fears

Is it just coincidence or what?

Last week we reported that Mars Food just purchased a pet food manufacturing plant from Menu Foods, infamous for the major manufacturer of contaminated pet food. This week there is word that Mars has recalled select five pound bags of Krasdale Gravy dry dog food sold in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The pet food is being recalled because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Click here to read the full story, Incorporated

Consumer Affairs

FDA Blocks Nutro Pet Food Shipment from Entering U.S.

In July, the FDA blocked more than 100 Nutro pet food products from entering the United States.

In the report from, the FDA listed Nutro’s pet food on its Import Refusal Report because the products appeared to contain poisonous substances and unsafe additives.

Click HERE to read the story



National Advertising Division(NAD)Rejects P&G Pet-Food Claim

The NAD is the advertising industry's self-regulatory forum. Today it released news that it has taken Proctor & Gamble to task for claims they make on their Iams pet food line in their packaging, print and television advertisements.

Click here to read the full story

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Man turns over angry pet spider to SPCA

What do you do when you have a potentially dangerous pet who suddenly becomes aggressive towards you?

A New York man knew it was time to give up on his unusual pet when his Baboon Spider began to rear up on its hind legs and show its large fangs.

Click here to read the story.

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Pet Pros Answer Pet Health Questions in our Blog

These pet health questions are answered in our "Ask A Pet Pro" blog. To see the answers to the questions, click on the link under the question.

  • Something to eliminate tear and whisker stains?

    9 mo old Bichon. Is there something I can give him (or use on him) that will remove/eliminate the tear stains and mouth whisker stains? Thank You

    View the 2 pet pro answers to this question

  • Chronic skin rash, itching and hair loss after vaccination & spay

    4 1/2 year old bitch has chronic skin rash, itching and hair loss starting 3 months after vaccination and spaying. Started Raw Diet 1 mo after onset of symptoms. Not responding to prednosone. Getting worse by the day.

    Please help!

    View the 4 pet pro answers to this question

  • Help with peeing cat

    My daughter has a 8 year old cat that has started peeing in the house. She has been doing this for about 4 years now and nothing seems to keep her from peeing everywhere. Our last resort is to get rid of the cat which is so difficult for my daughter but her new condo is smelling like her old apartment and she can't take it any more. Can you give us any help with this? I think we are going to have to removed the carpet and seal the subfloor before replacing the carpet we need to get the cat to stop peeing on the floor.


    View the 4 Pet Pro answers to this question

  • Limping dog, nothing shows on x-rays

    Approximately 6 weeks ago my Black Lab started limping. For the first 1 ˝ weeks I gave Tillie Rimadyal. The last (3) weeks she has been Predizone 20 mg. Neither of these drugs have resolved her limp. If anything it has gotten worse. My VET ran x-rays. The x-rays did not show anything. My Vet Doc then gave me the Predizone and said it could be early arthritis. Since none of these (2) meds have worked and I now know that this can cause liver damage, what should I do?

    Thanks for your concern with this.

    View the 7 Pet Pro answers to this question


I Do Dog Tricks

This is a web page from Heartguard with a very clever dog that can do some pretty amazing tricks.


Click here to see the video


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