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  2. Pet News: The Meow Mix Acatemy™ is teaching people to think like cats
  3. Health News: Stem cell therapy going to the dogs
  4. Health News: Secondhand smoke is a health threat to pets
  5. Weird Pet News: The Chupacabra, myth or reality????
  6. HELP THESE PET OWNERS: This week's requests for help
  7. Video of the Week: "Trunk Monkey Videos"
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Weekly News

Greetings! We usually lead off with Recall News but thankfully there is no bad news to report this week. Instead, we have a fun story about a new Acatemy™, the Meow Mix Acatemy™ whose goal it is to teach humans to think like a cat.

In other news there is an interesting article on stem cell treatment being used on dogs and an article that covers research reports on what animal diseases can be traced back to second hand smoke.

Our weird pet news is really weird. Photos of an alleged Chupacabra that was found as road kill in Texas. As a warning, the pictures of this creature are disturbing to view.

Our video of the week is a compilation of Trunk Monkey commericals. People have sent us various Trunk Monkey videos for awhile and they are always wickedly funny. Here is a collection of several of them for your enjoyment.

As always, have a great week!
- Adam

PS: We have a pet owner in Vermont is looking for PROLOTHERAPY help for her dog. We've asked out Pet Pros, but have not gotten a response yet. Does anyone have a referral for her? She'll travel to VT, MA, NH or NY. - Thanks!

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Meow Mix

The Meow Mix Acatemy™ is teaching people to think like cats

First it was the Meow Mix Café®, then The Meow Mix House™ reality show, and we've just heard the Meow Mix® cat food brand announce that classes will soon be in-session at The Meow Mix Acatemy™ - the world’s first feline-centric school that is dedicated to teaching pet parents how to think like a cat.

The Meow Mix Acatemy™ just kicked off an 11 city tour across the US. Find out what its all about!

Click here to read the full story, Incorporated

Stem cell therapy going to the dogs

Stem cell therapy has been used in horses for more than three years. This week Vet-Stem, a California based company, announced that it has expanded the commercial use of its therapy to dogs. In addition to treating tendinitis, veterinarians can use the technology to treat dogs with fractures and diseases such as osteoarthritis and polyarthritis.

Click HERE to read the story


Science Daily

Secondhand smoke is a health threat to pets

For years it has been widely acknowledged that secondhand smoke is a health threat to nonsmokers. Recently, there have been a number of scientific papers that are reporting the significant health threat secondhand smoke poses to pets including oral cancer and lymphoma in cats, lung and nasal cancer in dogs, as well as lung cancer in birds.

Click here to read the full story

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The Chupacabra, myth or reality????

Every once and awhile when I am out late at night, I'll turn on AM radio to George Noori and Coast-to-Coast AM Radio. Do you know it? It is an all night show with subjects that include flying saucers, ghosts, alien abductions and....chupacabras. So when I came across several news stories, including photos, of a woman in Texas who claims to have found a dead chupacabra, why, I just had to read it.
***Be forewarned. The photos of the alleged chupacabra are graphic and may be disturbing. Click here to read the story.

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Pet Pros Answer Pet Health Questions in our Blog

These pet health questions are answered in our "Ask A Pet Pro" blog. To see the answers to the questions, click on the link under the question.


Trunk Monkey Compilation

This is a compilation of commercials from a car dealership in Colorado. They claim what sets them apart from other dealers is their "Trunk Monkey", an upgrade feature that comes in different versions.


Click here to see the video


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