Get a Complete Local Reviews Solution PLUS a VetLocator Gold Listing AND the training to put it all together!

For a limited time and for just a little money - get our local reviews package - and we'll even help you set everything up!

Local Review Service + VetLocator Gold Listing - Problem SolvedOnline reviews are the new yellow pages for pet owners today.  Pet owners are looking for you and are also looking at the reviews other pet owners leave about you before they call your office.

Make sure they see the good reviews your customers are writing by getting those reviews posted at high search online directories and search engines,  and make sure you display first when your potential new customers join the thousands of pet owners who search for their vet on each week.

Local Search Review Service

Distribute Customer ReviewsNow you can easily set up an effective reviews and testimonials campaign for your office and get those reviews being seen online by anyone searching for your services.  You do your part in getting your customers to fill out our simple review card and they'll do the rest.


Easy customer testimonials online resulting in more positive reviews for potential customers to see

Lessen the impact of poor or negative reviews.  We teach you how to manage bad reviews and even turn bad reviews into an opportunity for new customers to buy

Get a search ranking boost for your website or Google Local listing with our included back links

Lock in our pricing including bonuses - even if there is a price increase in the future.

Get free access to future webinars for online marketing training, as long as you are a subscriber.


Get a FREE VetLocator Gold listing when you sign up today

Watch the 6 minute video for a tour of our back office and some of the features.

With a Gold Listing you'll receive:

Top of search results display - pet owners will see you first when they do a search at VetLocator

Big color listing- Multi-page, say as much as you want.  Add photos, slide show, map and directions.  These add up to pet owners clicking on you first before the others

Icon - Your clinic icon is added to your search results listing

Photos - Clinic photo, staff photos and a photo slide show.  Photos give pet owners a sense of knowing more about you, and they can see yours in your Gold listing.

Full description -

Lots of pet owners will see your listing first.

gold listings get clicked on 92% of the time in search results

Cost effective advertising.  Low cost per new client price.


To put it all together, we're including a free, hands-on coaching call where we walk you through setting up your review/testimonial campaign in-house and ways to increase the number of testimonials your office is currently receiving.

For $97 a month Local Search Reviews provides your business with review cards that customers fill out in their own handwriting, on the spot.  Local Search Reviews gets those cards from you and distributes them to a network of review services including Google Local, Yelp, City Search and dozens more, up to 12 reviews per account per month.  Then when someone does a local search for you or your business keyword, they'll see not only a review from your customer, but the review appears as an image in your customer's own handwriting on their blog and that blog also has a link back to your website.

Plus you get a VetLocator Gold Listing which we will set up for you, and it is FREE for as long as you are a subscriber to Local Search Reviews (and it will remain free even if VetLocator increases their prices), and the training needed to get it working.


Your job?  Get your customers to fill out a review/testimonial card.  Local Search Reviews does the rest and the results help your organic rankings, your Google Local results (reviews are a big factor for ranking high on Google Local - those listings next to the map in search results), your online reviews - and remember, the more reviews you have, the better, and your online reputation.

It’s no longer a question of whether or not social media and online reviews are going to affect your business – they already are. So the only question is when are you going to take charge of your own online reputation?

To recap you will receive:

    • Local Search Review service that includes:
    • Review card template for your office
    • Up to 12 reviews submitted to high ranking review sites like Google, Yelp, Super Pages and more each month.
    • Up to 12 blog posts with your customer's actual review image published along with a link back to your website or Google Places listing
    • A VetLocator premium Gold listing that includes all of the features mentioned above
    • Thousands of searching pet owners looking for their new veterinarian each week
    • Staff training to set up the review card system and Gold listing
    • Price lock guarantee.  Your price will never go up either for the service or for VetLocator's Gold Listing for as long as you are a subscriber
    • Admission to all future VetLocator Pet Pro webinars


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PS: Our LIVE coaching call is scheduled for Wednesday, 16 November at 8PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific.  If you miss the live call, you'll still be able to listen to the call replay and, of course we will be available through support to help you with your set ups.

PPS: Of course there are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.  And of course we think you'll see that these services will easily pay for themselves many many times over in the course of a year.

PPPS:  To download your FREE's Top 25 Pet Owner Review Sites, click the link below:


5 Responses to Get a Complete Local Reviews Solution PLUS a VetLocator Gold Listing AND the training to put it all together!

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  4. ewkraft says:

    How are you posting to review sites nowadays that are now requiring unique user login profiles? Are you creating fake accounts to post the postcard reviews your customers are supposedly filling out and providing to you to post on their client’s behalf? Google+, Yelp, and many others require a user login to leave reviews these days, and they frown upon fake accounts, so I don’t mean to be rude, I just wonder if this is still your business plan, and how you execute it if so?

  5. Linda says:

    Hi Eric, We help client’s set up review campaigns and are very successful doing so. Are you working on delivering this service too?

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