Have questions about being listed on VetLocator’s Pet Professionals Directory? Read On!

VetLocator is unlike any other directory on the web. It was designed to be very fast and simple to use, providing pet owners with easy access to the services and information they are looking for. As a result, it is the fastest growing pet professional directory online today!

  • Q. How is VetLocator.com different than other
    Vet directories?

    A. Glad you asked. VetLocator was created out
    of frustration at what pet resources were available
    to pet owners using the web. We designed VetLocator.com
    to be different than other directories. You will find
    when you use VetLocator.com, that it is extremely
    user-friendly for both pet owners and pet professionals.
    Plus we offer ALL pet professionals a free listing
    in our directory. As a result we are the
    fastest growing pet services directory on the web.

  • Q. Do you have to be a Veterinarian to be included
    in the directory?

    A. No, but you do need to be a pet professional.
    Our site works this way: Our Vet Quick Search and
    Advanced Search return ONLY Veterinarians that meet
    the search criteria entered. To have your listing
    show up in those searches, you must have a degree
    as a veterinarian. Our ‘Holistic and Alternative’
    search returns both Veterinarians and other pet professionals
    whose services fall under those categories. If the
    pet professional holds a degree or a certification,
    it is indicated in the directory listing. Chiropractors
    would be listed under ‘Holistic and Alternative’ searches.
    Other pet professionals including trainers, pet sitters
    and kennels are located under the ‘Other Pet Professionals’
    search tab.

  • Q. I have not registered, yet I see a listing
    for my practice in your directory. Do I still need
    to register?

    A. Yes. Your listing was in our original database.
    You need to register and create your clinic profile
    and verify that the information we have for you is
    correct. Registration is Simple, Fast and Easy. Just
    click HERE to begin.

  • Q. How do people find VetLocator.com?

    A. Besides being found on search engines
    everywhere, VetLocator.com participates in several advertising
    campaigns with results appearing on Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL
    and many others. We also have pet sites world wide linking to
    us to provide their members with our superior Pet Professionals

  • Q. I have more than 1 practice location. Do I
    have to register for each location?

    A. Yes, you will need to register each location
    separately. The primary way to locate pet professionals
    on VetLocator is by zip code so each location should
    have a separate listing.

  • Q. How do I list more than one doctor for my practice?

    A. When you register your practice, you will
    see a section for other doctors or professionals who
    work with your practice. You would click on that link
    to fill out information for each additional pet professional.
    We have limited 4 additional professionals per listing.
    If you have more you would like to have displayed
    with your listing, please contact us with your request.

  • Q. Is there really no charge for being in your

    A. Yes there really is no charge for our free
    listings. VetLocator has three types of listings in
    its directory. Our free listing displays basic clinic
    information including name, address and phone. Our
    Silver listing displays more information about the
    practice including specialties, location, phone and email.
    It always appears before free listings.
    Our Gold listing always appears before the other two
    types of listings, and has all of the premium features
    including enhanced reporting features, multiple images,
    top of page listing and a separate banner ad that
    appears in other locations within the website. To
    see a side-by-side comparison of our different listing
    categories, click HERE.

  • Q. My practice does not use the web much and we
    only target customers in our neighborhood. Does
    it still make sense to register?

    A. The answer is yes, for many reasons. The
    whole idea behind VetLocator is to allow pet owners
    to find LOCAL pet professionals that fit their needs.
    Even if your clinic or service does not do much with
    the web, people looking for your service will be,
    and your listing will have your address and phone
    so they can contact you directly, and, if you’ve signed
    up for an enhanced listing, they can easily see if
    what you offer meets their needs.

  • Q. I see that some listings have testimonials
    and they look great. How does that work?

    A. Testimonials are a great addition to your
    directory listing. This feature is included in our
    premium directory listing package and is very easy
    for both the pet owner and the clinic staff to use
    when adding a new testimonial to their VetLocator.com
    listing. To see what is included with each type of
    directory listing on VetLocator.com, click HERE.

  • Q. I am not sure whether the services I provide
    would be listed under Holistic and Alternative directory
    or the Other Pet Professionals directory. What do
    I do?

    A. You do not need to worry about that. When
    you sign up, our registration form guides you through
    selecting which services you have available and we
    have catagorized those to only come up under certain
    searches. If you provide one of the services you can
    indicate that and people looking for that service
    can find you easily.

  • Q. Anything more I need to know?

    A. We’d suggest signing up for at least one
    of our newsletters, Vets-n-Pets-n-Stuff or Health
    Tips For Pet Owners. They are both excellent and each
    offers good information for pet owners. We are always
    looking for contributing articles for the newsletters
    and would be happy to supply you with our editorial
    calendar for upcoming issues. For more information
    about our newsletters, email info@vetlocator.com

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments,
please contact us

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